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Stack #63349

Medications classMedications
Antibiotics Pencillian
Antibiotics Cipro
Antibiotics Erythromycin
Antibiotics Ancef
Cardiovascular Digoxin(lanoxin)
Cardiovascular Procardia
Cardiovascular Furosemide(Lasix)
Respiratory Theophylline(Theodur)
Respiratory Ventolin Inhaler
Gastgrointestinal Tract Maalox
Gastgrointestinal Tract Zantac
Gastgrointestinal Tract Mylanta
Hormonal Agent Estorgen
Hormonal Agent (blank)
Hormonal Agent Synthroid
Cancer Drug methotrexate
Cancer Drug Prednisone(steroid)
Cancer Drug Tamoxafen
Cancer Drug Cytoxan
Anticonvulsants(antiseizure) Dilantin
Anticonvulsants(antiseizure) Tegretol
Central Nervous System Agents(CNS) Antipsychotics-Haldo,Resperdal
Central Nervous System Agents(CNS) Antidepressants-Paxil,Prozac,Zoloft
Central Nervous System Agents(CNS) Antianxiety-Ativan,Buspar,Xanax
Central Nervous System Agents(CNS) Sedatives/Hypnotics-restoril,Serax
Central Nervous System Agents(CNS) Antiparkinsons-Sinemet, Artane
Central Nervous System Agents(CNS) Antidementia-Aricept
Antidiabetic Agents Oral agents- Diabeta, Glucotrol, Tolinase
Antidiabetic Agents Insulin-regular, NPH, Premixed 70/30
Anthistaminic Agents Precose
Anthistaminic Agents Allegra, Clariton-nonsedating
Anthistaminic Agents Benadryl, Chlortimetron
Anthistaminic Agents Zyrtec
Analgesic Agents OTC agents-Tylenol, Ibuprofen,Aspirin, Ecotrin
Analgesic Agents NSAIDS(Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs)-Motrin, Daypro, Lodine
Analgesic Agents Prescription Analgesic Controlled-Tyleno#3 with Codeine, Vicodin, Percocet, Morphine
Eye, Ear, Nose Drugs(ophthalmic/Otic/Nasal) Ophthalmic-Pilocarpine, Timoptic, Artifical Tears
Eye, Ear , Nose Drugs(Opthalmic/Otic/Nasal) Otic- Debrox, Cerumenex
Eye, Ear , Nose Drugs(Opthalmic/Otic/Nasal) Nasal- Vancenase AQ Nasal Spray, Afrin Spray, Flonase
Topical Medications crams/ointments/Lotions/sprays- eucerin, Lamisil, Topicort
Topical Medications Antiseptics-Betadine
Topical Medications Shampoos-Temovate
Nutritional Products supplements- Ensure, Sustacal, Meritene
Nutritional Products Vitamins-A,B,E,K,B1,B2,C
Nutritional Products Minerals-Calcuim, Iron, Potassium
Laxatives Bulk- Metamucil, Citrucel
Laxatives Stimulant-dulcolas, senna, Pericolace,milk of mack
Laxatives Fecal Softner- Colace, Docusate
Laxatives lactulose- Chronulac,Enulose
Anticoagulants Warfarin - Coumadin
Created by: Loterewl