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Chap 15 reivew

Chap 15 review

________________ is the absolute ruler of an empire. Emperor
_______________ ruled Rome for 41 years. Augustus
_______________ is a population count. Census
_______________________ is the 200 years of peace that Augustus brought to Rome. Pax Romana
Taxes placed on goods brought into the country are called _______________. tariffs
________________ ______________ were special lawyers that were legal writers. Juris Prudentes
A __________________ was a wealthy person’s house; which had marble walls and windows with small panes of glass. domus
_______________ fought in an arena, and were enslaved and poor people. Gladiators
__________________ __ became Roman emperor in 312 A.D. Constantine I
Augustus refused to be crowned emperor and set up the world's first ___________ _______________. fire brigade
Augustus’ real name was ___________________. Octavian
In running his government, Augustus chose people based on their ________________. talent
The Pax Romana lasted for _________ years. 200
_________________ split the Roman Empire into two Providences, the Western and the Eastern Empires. Diocletian
Wealthy Roman citizens moved to their ______________ to escape the control of Constantine I. villas
In 410 A.D., Rome was invaded by a _____________ _________. Germanic Chief
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