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EKG week 7 & 8

EKG week 7 & 8 Hypertrophy & Arrhythmias

left atrial hypertrophy Myocardium thickens Shows on V1 biphasic pwave
biphasic pwave has both positive and negative
right atrial hypertrophy atrium is thickened lead 2 peaked pwave
biatrial hypertrophy when both happen biphasic pwave V1 and peaked pwave lead 2
premature atrial contractions shorter R-R - longer R-R a beat comes premature with a rhythm*
nonconducted premature atrial contractions pwave without a QRS long R-R is call: "Cause for the Pause" with rhythm*
paroxysmal atrial tachycardia PAT=SVT supraventrical tachycardia starts and stops quickly rate 150bpm won't see pwave they are there but hidden
atrial flutter SA not firing, any rate, NO PWAVE flutter waves are saw toothed
atrial fibrillation irregularly irregular NO PWAVE any rate, QRS normal
wandering atrial pacemaker pwaves are all different shapes and sizes. rhythm regular or slightly irregular
left bundle branch block only on V1 the QRS is wide .12 or greater & 99% NEGATIVE V2 can not know right or left BBB
right bundle branch block on V1 QRS is wide .12 or greater and POSITIVE has rwaves
premature ventricular contraction no pwave, wide QRS, will have normal sinus rhythm 1 or 2 beats will have short R-R - long R-R
bigeminal every other beat is a PVC
trigeminal every third beat is a PVC
couplet 2 PVC in a row (paired)
triplet 3 PVC in a row
4 PVC or more a run of ventricular tachycardia
unifocal all look a like
multifocal all look different
ventricular tachycardia Vtach 250bpm QRS.12-.22 pic pg199
ventricular fibrillation Vfib chaotic rhythm NO QRS complex pic pg 202
asystole flatline
premature junctional contraction short R-R - long R-R delay at AVnode pwave can be negative, No pwave or pwave after QRS pic pg144
juctional rhythm regular rhythm, rate 40-60bpm, pwave may or may not, PR interval short .08 QRS normal .04-.11
accelerated juntional regular rhythm, rate 60-100bpm, pawave may or may not, PR interval short, QRS normal .04-.11
junctional tachycardia regular rhythm, rate 100bpm or above, pawave may or may not, PR interval short, QRS normal .04-.11
Created by: joanneb