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Unit 16

Because of increased trade and communications, the countries of the world have become this (meaning depending on each other). Examples: NAFTA, European Union, World Bank, WTO, IMF Interdependent
The use of science and technology to increase crop yields in the 3rd world. Led to the creation of heartier strands of rice, etc.) Green Revolution
The clearing of forests to provide farmland and timber/paper products. deforestation
The turning of formerly arable land into desert desertification
The trapping of heat in the Earth's atmosphere Greenhouse Effect
Slow increase in the Earth's temperature leading to rising sea levels and melting of the polar ice caps (among other problems) Global Warming/Climate Change
The nuclear meltdown of this plant in the Soviet Union led to widespread environmental concerns and health risks Chernobyl
World Organization that includes the Security Council, the General Assembly, the World Court, the Secretariat, etc. The United Nations
The spread of nuclear weapons and nuclear technology nuclear proliferation
Region of Africa where desertification is a significant issue. Sahel
The process by which nations of the world become increasingly interdependent and interconnected economically, socially, culturally and politically Globalization
Provides grants, loans and advice to developing nations. Criticized for charging high interest rates and forcing Western economic practices on developing nations. World Bank
Offers financial/technical assistance to developing nations. IMF
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