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Lesson 27

Lesson 27/Musculoskeletal System

LCL, MCL, ACL lateral collateral ligament, medial collateral ligament, anterior cruciate ligament
LLE, LUE, RLE, RUE left lower extremity, left upper extremity, right lower extremity, right upper extremity
/alis relating to
/ate that which is, chemical noun ending
/clast breaker or absorber
/clisis closure, surgical fusion (also /kleisis or /cleisis)
/desis surgical fusion or fixation
/emesis, /emetic vomiting
/i adjective form of /um, plural form of /us
/ion the act of
/lucent, lucency transmits light, a white spot on an x-ray
/or (noun) one that
/sity, /city the state of
/ular relating to
/valgus, valgus bent outward
/varus, varus bent inward
/version turned or a turning
acetabul/o vinegar cup
acet/o vinegar
Achilles tendon heel tendon (tendo calcaneous)
acromion lateral end of the spine of the scapula (shoulder blade)
actin/o ray
adhes/o, adher/o stuck to
aerobic, anaerobic living with oxygen, living without oxygen
alveol/o alveolus, alveoli (as it relates to MS system-portion of bone surrounding and supporting teeth)
ambulat/o walking
amphi/ (pr. afee) both sides, around or about, double
ankyl/o stiff, fused
ap/ ad/combined with p
articul/o jointed
audit/o ear or hearing
bone parts diaphysis, metaphysis, epiphysis, medullary canal, periosteal membrane
calc/o calcium
calcane/o calcaneous (relating to heel bone)
campt/o bent
canals haversion canals, Volkmann's canals (allow blood and nerve supply to bone)
cancell/o lattice (inner part of bone that has a spongy structure filled with marrow)
canalicul/o little canal
capit/o head, capitate
capitulum rounded articular extremity of a bone
circum around
clas/o, clasia destruction, fracture, surgical fracture
cleid/o clavicle
coccyge/o coccyx, coxa
concha, conchae shell-shaped bone
condyl/o knuckle
congenital disease types minimus, imperfecta, tarda, maximus, occulta
contracture Dupuytren's, Volkmann's (loss of muscular balance, loss of motion)
crepitation noise or vibration caused by rubbing bone or irregular cartilage together
cribriform plate bone lying behind nasal cavity through which smell travels to brain
crista galli attachment for the dural membrane lining the skull
cruciat/o crossed
cyst Baker's, bone
di/, dipl/o twice, used instead of bi/ for chemical names
dis/ reversal or seperation, twice
disease Paget's (or osteitis deformans), Hansen's, Albers-Schonberg, Legg-Calve-Perthes, Osgood-Schlatter
dorsi/ in a dorsal direction
e/ ex/, outward
equin/o horse, walking on toes like a horse
fibul/o fibula
flaccid relaxed, flabby or without tone
fontanelle anterior fontanelle, posterior fontanelle
fracture comminuted, greenstick, compression, Barton's, Colles'
gangli/o knot, ganglion
genu knee
glen/o shoulder, glenoid
gout metabolic disorder characterized by raised blood uric acid which causes severe arthritis (more common in men, usually inherited)
hallux great toe
hamart/o defect in tissue
hamat/o hooked, hamate, or uncinate bone
humer/o humerus
hyster/o uterus
idiosyncratic relating to a mental, behavioral, or physical peculiarity or abnormal reaction to a drug
infarct, infarction an area or dead tissue resulting from sudden insufficiency of blood supply
kyph/o hump
lacrim/o tear
lacun/o lake, lacuna, lacunae
lamell/o little layer, lamella, lamellae
lepramat/o leprosy (Hansen's disease)
lig/a ligament
lord/o concavity, hollow area
lun/o moon or moon-shaped
luxat/o slipped, dislocated
malle/o, malleol/o hammer, little hammer
manubri/o manubrium
mast/o breast or breast-shaped, mastoid process or sinus
MCP, metacarpal-phalangeal, MTP, metatarsal- phalangeal also metacarpophalangeal, metatarsalphalangel
meat/o hole or canal opening
menisc/o meniscus, crescent
menopaus/o menopause
myci/o, mysi/o muscle
navicul/o little boat, navicular
nidus nucleus or central point of origin of a nerve
oblique slantin; deviating from the planes of the body
obturator any structure that obstructs an opening
odont/o tooth or teeth, tooth-shaped
olecranon elbow bone, point of elbow
palatine relating to the palate (the bony and muscular partition between the oral and nasal cavities)
pannus a membrane of granulation tissue covering a normal surface (as in rheumatoid arthritus and other diseases)
perone/o peroneal tendon or nerve in leg
phalang/o phalanx, phalanges
pigment/o colored
poikil/o, poiekyl/o mottled
process, processes styloid, zygomatic, mastoid, palatine
pronat/o turn toward prone postion
quadr/i, quadr/u four or fourths
RA rheutoid arthritis
ramus, rami one of the primary divisions of a nerve or blood vessel or pa part of an irregularly shaped bone
rheumat/o watery discharge, rheumatic condition
rickets bone disease due to vitamin D deficiency that causes bone deformities
/lemma husk, membrane covering muscles and nerves
sciatica pain in lower back and hip radiating down back of thigh and into leg caused by herniated lumbar disc (not by nerve dysfunction as previously thought)
scoli/o curved
sella turcica Turkish saddle
sequestr/o separated
sin/o, sinus/o sinus, a cavity
sinus sphenoid, ethmoid, frontal, maxillary, mastoid
snuffbox (anatomic snuffbox) A hollow seen on the radial aspect of the wrist when the thumb is extended fully
supinat/o turn toward supine position
syndrome Albright's, Marfan, Reiter's, carpal tunnel
erg/o work
tal/o talus, heel
taliped, talipes club-foot
tempor/o timely, temporalis bone
ten/o, tendin/o tendon
tophi (pl. of tophus) A salivary calculus, or tartar
trapezi/o trapezius muscle
trochant/o, trochanter/o runner, part of femur
trochle/o pulley
tuber/o bulge, like a root
uln/o ulna
vertebral levels cervical=C1-C7 or C1-7, thoracic-T1-T12 or T1-12, lumbar=L1-L5 or L1-5
xiphoid sword-shaped
zygomatic/o, zyg/o junction, zygooma bone