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6 Easter/Strong Ppl.

Mr. Stickler's 6th grade Religion cards (Easter & Ch. 18).

What was Isiah of Judah's message? He focused on true worship. He also made a connection between worship and the fair and just treatment of others. (Pg. 208)
What does "Malachai" mean? Malachai means "my messenger". (Pg. 208)
What is the message of the Book of Daniel? The Book of Daniel gives insight into the Babylonian exile and Persian domination. (Pg. 208)
What did the prophet Malachai talk about? He called people to worship God and to be just. He saw the day when God would send a messenger who would prepare the way for repentance and true worship. (Pg. 208)
What does the word "purim" mean? "Casting lots". (Pg. 209)
Why is the Feast of Purim still celebrated today? It marks the time when Esther fasted, prayed, and begged the king to spare the Jews. God heard her prayers and spared them. (Pg. 209)
What does the word "providence" mean? Providence means "God's constant care for and protection of His people." (Pg. 210)
How did God help Sarah? God helped her by sending the angel Raphael in disguise to help she, Tobit, and Tobiah. Raphael showed Tobiah how to cure his father's blindness. (Pg. 210)
What is the subject of Tobit's hymn in Tobit 13:1? The subject of Tobit 13:1 is God's providence. (Pg. 210)
What is a "parable"? A parable is "a short story that has a message". (Pg. 211)
Name two (2) ways that Jesus used parables. 1.) To compare one thing to another or identify one thing by example of another, and, 2.) To help his disciples understand God's mercy and justice. (Pg. 211)
What does Jonah's story remind us of? Jonah's story reminds us of the Resurrection. God wanted to deliver a message to Jonah. God also wanted to send Jesus Christ to bring his life and love to the people. Also, Jonah spent 3 days in the whale like Jesus spent 3 days in the tomb. (Pg. 211)
What message does Jonah's story convey to people today? That we should be tolerant of all peoople, not to be narrow-minded, and to be truly repentant to receive God's mercy. (Pg. 211)
What did king Judah, the king of Syria - Mesopotamia, force people to do? He forced them to accept Greek culture and Greek religion. (Pg. 212)
What two parties did the Jewish community form as a result of Judah's policies? 1.) The Hellenists; they favored the introduction of Greek culture; 2.) The Hasidiam ("Pious") party, who disagreed saying that introducing Greek culture was a bad thing. (Pg. 212)
What does the word "menorah" mean? It is the word for "lamp stand". (Pg. 213)
What Jewish holiday is called the "festival of lights"? Hanukkah. (Pg. 213)
What does Hanukkah celebrate? Hanukkah celebrates the time when a one - day's supply of oil for the menorah lasted for eight (8) days! (Pg. 213)
Who became the king of Judah in 160 B.C.E.? Simon. He was the country's first Jewish king since 587 B.C.E. and was also a high priest. (Pg. 213)
Was the reign of John Hyrcanus peaceful? Why or why not? No, it was not peaceful. This was because the Pious Party (also known as the "Hasisim") fought among themselves. They argued whether John should be both priest and ruler. (Pg. 214)
Name three (3) things Herod the Great did to please Rome. 1.) Changed the office of high priesthood from one of inheritance to one of appointment, 2.) Encouraged Greek and Roman culture in all parts of his territories, 3.) Put to death all who challenged his authority (even his own family). (Pg. 215)
Why did Romans and Jews alike hate Herod? Because he started new programs and taxed the people of Judea heavily to pay for them. (Pg. 215)
Where is the "Christ the Redeemer" statue located? Rio de Janiero.
Pentecost comes from the Greek word 'penta' meaning _________________. "Fifty".
How old was Jesus when he was crucified? A.) 33 B.) 39 C.) 45 D.) 53. A.) 33.
What do we celebrate during Easter? The Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus.
When Jesus was walking on the road after his Resurrection, where did the Apostles see him go? They saw him taken up into the sky into a cloud. This was the Ascension.
What Sacraments do people who join the Catholic Church at Easter receive? Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist.
What is the "Galilee Gathering"? A gathering of all Catholics in the city centers of Nigeria, Africa on Easter Monday. The Nigerians gather to celebrate Christ's Resurrection with "preaching, singing, dancing, sharing a meal, and participating in all types of sports and games. (Pg. 308)
How many days passed between Jesus' Resurrection and his Ascension? 40 days. (Pg. 309)
What chapter of the New Testament tells us the story of the Ascension? The Acts of the Apostles. (Pg. 308)
How did the Holy Spirit effect the Apostles? The Apostles had been nervous and scared during Jesus' trial and crucifiction. After the Resurrection, they remained hidden. But, after the Holy Spirit was sent to them, they were no longer scared. They began to travel and to preach God's word. (310)
Created by: sticklerpjpII



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