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NT Final

Who is the author of Hebrews? It is highly doubtful Pauline authorship Possible evidence for Priscilla and Aquilla Only God knows
When was Hebrews written? Probably AD 55 -64 (The start of Martyrdom)
How do we know Hebrews was written then? It was cited by Clement (C 110) Persecution was a clue (they had not resisted to shedding blood)
Who were the recipients of Hebrews? Probably written to Rome - Jew/Gentile Church
What is the theme of Hebrews? Apostacy
What are the contents of Hebrews? Superiority of Jesus - Prophets - Angels - Moses Superiority of Jesus' priesthood -Eternal Priesthood -Order of Melchizedek -able to sympathize with us Superiority of Jesus' sacrifice
Who is the author of James? Brother/Stepbrother/cousin of Jesus
When was James written? Before 140 AD
How do we know when James was written? It was quoted by Hermes The sayings of Jesus were in pre-gospel form It was written in response to Paul's writting
Who was James' audience? He's sensitive to the poor He's aware of Jesus tradition.. (that doesn't really answer the question..)
Where did he write his book? Israel - Early and late rains (pattern of Israel)
What type of literature is it? Letter: Full of imperatives Sermon/ Anthology
What is the content of James? James and the wisdom tradition James and the Jesus tradition- knows and alludes to Jesus tradition more than any other NT text besides the gospels James and Paul
What about the canonicity of James? Originally disputed by Athanasius Reluctant in the Syriac church Luther called him "an epistle of straw"
Who was the author of 1 Peter? Peter an apostle of Jesus - written through Silvanus i.e. Silas- Peter, Paul, and others together in Rome
When was 1 Peter written? Around mid 60s -Peter died during the Neronian persecution (AD 64-68)
What is the content of 1 Peter? -Exiles in dispersion -Christian identity -Christian witness -Living with persecution
What are the themes of 1 Peter? Suffering (endurance) and Identity (were v are)
Who is the author of 2 Peter? -Claimed to be Peter Anti-literary Greek -Most say pseudepigraphal
Why do most say 2 Peter is Pseudepigraphal? Delay of the 2nd coming-odd if written mid 60's Understanding of Paul's letters Relationship with Jude Number of texts written by "Peter" in 2nd cent Style- testamentary lit
When was 2 Peter written? Mid 60s or 150s
What are the themes of 2 Peter? False teachers and Faith in Parousia
Who is the author of Jude? The brother (pro)/ cousin (catholic)/ step-brother (orthodox) of Jesus
What is the theme of Jude? wicked false teachers -will be destroyed
What is the style of 1 John? Sermon
What is the function of 1 John? To encourage community and correct misreading of the gospel
Who is the author of 1 John? John the apostle (according to church tradition)
What are the differences between 1 John and the gospel of John? The prologue and Titles
What was the occasion for 1 John? Crisis in the Johannine community- split between orthodox and heretics
What are Anti-Christs? Those that deny Jesus came in the flesh- docetism?
What are false prophets? People (i.e. Montanus) thinking they are the holy spirit
What is the content in 1 John? Structure- parallel with John's gospel Prologue- John
Created by: Geena S
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