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CW Final

Christian Woman Final

Who were offered to the men of Sodom in place of visitors? Angels
What two nations resulted from Lot's daughters conceiving by him? Moabites and Ammonites
What judge made a foolish vow and offered his daughter to God? Jepthah
Who danced before her step-father and had John the Baptist killed? Salome
What 2 brothers killed all the men in Shechem because of their sister? Simeon and Levi
Who seduced and raped Absolom's sister? Shechem
Whose name meant fool? Nabal
Who were some people in the Bible who were hospitable? Abraham and Sarah; Abigail; The woman that anointed Jesus; Island natives; Dorcas; Boaz; Good Samaritan; Onesiphorus
Who showed hospitality to Elijah even though she was poor? Woman of Shunam
List some of the Bible men who were specifically described as righteous? Abraham; Lot; Noah; Joesph (earthly father of Jesus); Simeon; John the Baptist; Cornelius; Joseph of Areamathelia; Jesus
What builds self-esteem? Right relationship with God; Families; Praise and encouragement; Acceptance and security; Self-discipline; Live life expectantly
Contrast Mary and Martha. Mary: Sat quietly; Offered best to Jesus. Martha: Older; Busy with house; Hospitable
Name 3 ways given in class we can encourage others? Word gifts, Time gifts, Gifts
List 3 ways given in class we can know God. Through His book Through His Son Through His Nature ?
Why should a wife be submissive to her husband? Prompted by the man’s love. A voluntary response. Not for the husband to demand orders. Not relegating the wife to a position of servitude that is humiliating and demeaning.
God is called what three things in I John? How do we imitate Him? Walk in love—If we walk in love we will not disobey God or injure man. Walk in light—Should have nothing to do with darkness. Walk in wisdom—Discover God’s purpose for me and guide my life accordingly.
In what 3 areas of our life do we need self-control? Our thoughts; Our words; Our actions
According to Don McWhorter, why is suffering good for Christians? Keeps the world from becoming too attractive; Brings out our best; Gives an occasion to put to silence the enemies of God; Make us appreciative; Make us depend on God; Purifies us; Makes us sympathetic; Makes us humble; Teaches us to pray.
How can a Christian woman balance work, home, & church activities? Home: Mind your own business. Love in truth and action. Love your neighbor as yourself. Work: Give your best to your employer. Work as if Christ was your boss. Show respect. Be ready to answer questions. Do good to everyone. “…not pilfering…”
Jepthah's daughter Judges 11:30-39; Keep to your word; Be careful what you promise. She was obedient, courageous.
Salome Matthew 14. There comes a time when we must take responsibility for our own decisions and actions.
Lot's daughters Genesis 19. No one is forced to sin (I Cor. 10:13); Our companies have a great influence. Parents should teach children. We must live with the consequences of our decisions.
Dinah Genesis 34. Gen. 46:15.
Tamar 2 Sam. 13. Bad things happen to good people. Don’t feel guilty if you were not doing anything wrong. Get help to work through problems.
Mary & Martha Luke 10:38-41; Jn. 11, 12:1-8. Hospitable, deep faith. Serve Jesus. Love. Have faith.
Mrs. Noah Genesis 6-8. She stood by him. Trusted her husband.
Sarah Genesis 12. Submissive as a wife. Hospitable.
Mrs. Job Job 2. Spoke foolishly. Satan’s helper.
Rebekah Don’t play favorites.
Jochabed brave. Taught about God and his heritage.
Hannah Go to God in all things. Controlled her tongue. Taught him about the Lord.
Lois Knew the scriptures.
Eunice Knew the scriptures.
Ruth & Naomi Industrious. Teachable. Grateful. Kind. Virtuous. Devoted to Naomi. Righteous. Unselfish. Worked for Ruth’s best interest. Wise. Asked God to bless. Counseled without being bossy.
Priscilla Acts 18; Rom 16. Taught Apollos. Risked their lives for Paul.
Dorcas Acts 9. “being good meant doing good.” Servant. Enemies of service: selfishness, laziness.
Phoebe Rom. 16. Sister, servant, succor, deaconess.
Lydia Acts 16:11-15
Miriam Ex.2:2-20. Helped her mother watch Moses. Lead women in song after crossing the Red Sea. Spoke against Moses.
Deborah Judges 5. “A mother in Israel.” Led people in peace 40 years.
Esther Was willing to stand up for what was right. Felt a sense of duty to help her people. Asked for God’s help.
Jezebel 1 Kings 9, 16. She-devil.
Athaliah 2 Chron 22, 23. Learned from mother’s example.
Abigail 1 Samuel 25.
Worthy Woman of Prov. 31 Prov. 31. Just read it.
Mary, the mother of Jesus If God were picking a mother for Jesus, would he pick you?
Know the qualities of healthy families as given by Nick Stinnett. Commitment; Appreciation; Good communication; Desire to spend time together; Strong value system; Ability to deal with crisis in a positive way.
According to Brecheen, what qualities are most important in a Christian wife? Personal relationship with God; Affectionate; Good self-image; Submissive; Loyal; Right priorities; Meets physical needs; Zest for living; Unselfish; Homemaker; Good attitude; Not materialistic; Sense of humor; Outside interest; Joy
What are the things, discussed in class, a mother should do to raise Christian children? Know child; Train child; Teach responsibility, decision-making & independence; Convey love to your children; Love their father well; Pray for children; Model the Christian servant; Be there for them; Use strict, loving discipline; Teach them about Jesus
According to the NAMH, what do children need? Love; Acceptance; Security; Protection; Independence; Faith; Guidance; Control
Woman An adult female person.
Self-esteem A quiet sense of self-respect and a feeling of self-worth. It included the ability to love yourself and give and accept love from others. It usually involves a feeling of security, significance and competence.
Milton says a woman is Under His forming hands a creature grew. Manlike, diff sex; so lovely fair, that what seem fair n all the world, seem now mean, or n her sum up n her contained, and n her looks. Grace was n all her steps, heaven n her eye, n every feature dignity & love.
Marriage Leaving>Cleaving>Weaving A lifelong covenant partner, solemn made b4 God, n which a man & a woman agree to be together as long as they both live. A Pearl of Great Price. Like a garden to cultivate. Like pantyhose—It’s what you put into them that counts.
Self-control Temperance. Discipline. Exercise control/abstain. Prudent, thoughtful. Temperate, sober. Well balanced.
Hospitality Doing. More than entertaining. It is love being expressed to others. “Where there is room in the heart, there is also room in the house.”
Righteousness Just or Justified.
Hospitality in Matt. 25. I was hungry and you fed me. (Nourishment.) I was a stranger and you took me in. (Shelter) Naked and you clothed me. (Benevolence) Sick and you comforted me. (Comfort) Prison and you visited me. (Companionship)
Hospitality in Ps. 23: …I shall not want (benevolence)…Lie down in green pastures (comfort, care)…Leads me in paths of righteousness (Service)…for you are with me… (Companionship)…prepare a table before me… (Nourishment)…Dwell in the house of the Lord… (Shelter)
According to Keele, why should you marry a Christian? Begin home w/ Christ center of plan. Pray 2gether. Other take children 2 worship & lead Bible study. Import thing n common. Spiritual growth. Be elder/deacon fam. Enjoy same friends & rec. Mate understands attitude of spiritual things. No final good-bye.
Created by: acpearl
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