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Bible Final

The questionss you produced for your Bible Final

What does Justification mean ? just as if i never sinned.
Blank page between Matthew and Malachi represents how many years of history? 400
How was John the Baptist related to Jesus? He was Jesus' cousin
Which disciples were part of the inner circle? Simon Peter, Andrew, James, John
What did John the Baptist wear? He wore camel's hair and leather
What occupation was simon peter? fisherman
What is the first recorded teaching in the New Testament? The Sermon on the Mount.
What disciple was called Nathaniel? Bartholemew
What is one reason that the Sermon on the mount is exalted? Longest recorded teaching segment of Jesus
What did John the Baptist eat? Locust and honey
Who was known as the "bean counter"? Philip
this was the first recorded teaching in the new testament. Sermon on the mount.
Which disciple betrayed Jesus? Judas Iscariot.
What four things did Jesus increase in during his youth? wisdom stature favor with God favor with man
What was the longest teaching recorded in th new testament. The Sermon on the mount.
Who was the leader of the disciples? Simon Peter.
What is the subject of the Sermon on the Mount? What is a true Christian like.
define parable an earthly story with a heavenly meaning
What is transubstantiation? The catholic belief that the Lords supper literally becomes Christ in your body
What is the theme of the entire Bible? Christ
What is a synagogue? a hebrew place of worship similar to a local church
What disciple was known as being negative and doubtful? Thomas
Who were the two "sons of thunder"? James and John.
what were the two main purposes of parables instruct obscure
what does Hellinistic mean? Greek like
What was Matthew's occupation? A publican (tax collector)
Who were experts in Old Testament knowledge? Scribes
What is a good definition of a miracle? Something that brings the supernatural into the realm of the natural
who were the three witnesses at the Transfigureation peter james john
Who was Peter's brother? Andrew
Who were the extreme right in Jewish religion? Pharisees
What are the 3 purposes of miracles? Bear Witness Of Jesus Glorify God Help people
What did Jesus promise would come after his death? the Holy Spirit
Who were the three annunciations of Jesus' birth to? Zacharias Mary Joseph
Which was the only disciple who did not die a martyr's death? John
Was the high priests father in law? Annas
Who was the High Priest at the time of the crucifixion? Ciaphas
How was Peter killed? He was crucified upside down.
How much money was Jesus betrayed for? 30 pieces of silver
What is a distinct period on earth where God works with His people in a certain way? dispensation
How many trials did Jesus face before he was crucified? 6
the three things that jesus prayed for us in his high priestly prayer protection unification sanctification
What was the main occupation of the disciples? Fisherman
Who was beheaded by Herod? John the Baptist
Created by: rynhayden



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