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Ancient Greece Test

Ancient Greece

Democracy A government that is ruled by the people
direct democracy When all the people vote on every issue
representative when people elect a person to represent them
what kind of democracy does America have representative
what kind of democracy did Ancient Greece have direct
oligarchy government ruled by a few aristocrats
tyranny government ruled by one person who got his power unlawfully
monarch government that has a ruler that inherits his/her power
who attended school in Athens just boys
who attended school in Sparta boys and girls
what type of economy did Sparta have farming
what type of economy did Athens have trading
what types of crops grew in Greece crops that did not need a lot of flat land
who were the Olympics in honor of Zeus
who did the Parthenon honor Athena
which column is very decorative corinthian
which type of column has scrolls on top Ionic
what type of column has a plan top and no base Doric
What did Socrates believe in? He believed you should question everything
Why was the Macedonian King able to conquer Greece? They were divided -too busy fighting each other
What was Hippocrates' belief diseases had natural causes
What did Hippocrates' do with his patients observe them and collect data
what did Alexander model his cities after Ancient greek city-states
what were the Peloponnnesian Wars? Wars between Athens and Sparta
Who won the Peloponnesian War Sparta
Why were many athletic events held to honor the gods
what did Socrates encourage his students and citizens to do to question themselves and others
where did the gods live Mt. Olympus
what was special about the Greek Theaters the seats allowed for everyone to see and hear
Who responded to the oracle at Delphi Apollo
What is an aristocrat? a wealthy man who owned land
Who did oligarchs make laws for? They made laws that benefited them and not the poor
Were all tyrants hated? No
How did geography effect the Greeks? It was the reason for the city-states developing and the type of food they grew
in which city-state did the women stay mostly at home Athens
What type of religion did Ancient Greeks have? polytheistic
Alexander the Great was known for treating people how Terror and kindness
what is an amphora vase with two handles, goose neck and two colors
The Greeks were the first to have peers decide if you were guilty of a crime. What is it called? Trial by Jury
Created by: cpapachristou