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Chapter 10

Key Terms

Key TermDefinition
Elite Type Type size measuring 12 characters to the horizontal inch
Form Letter Standardized communication that may be personalized by the insertion of variable information
Full Block Letter Style Typed communication "block style", formatted with all lines flush with the left margin
Interoffice Memorandum Written informal communication circulated within an organization or office
OCR Scanning Optical/Electronic Reader
Pica Type Type size measuring 10 characters to the horizontal inch
Photocopy Machine Duplicating machine that reproduces graphic matter onto paper in a few seconds
Photocopy Term designating all the processes employed in producing multiple copies
Thesaurus Reference book of alphabetized words with their synonynes and antonyms; also found in word processing software
Word Processing Communication system using computerized and text-editing equipment to produce printed letters, reports, and other office documents; includes memory
Word Processing Log Record of incoming and outgoing word processing documents used for accessing writtern communications quickly and easily
Created by: jeannee02