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Endocrine system

hormones are classified in what 3 groups amines, proteins and steroids
the hormone producing cells in the pancreas are called islets of langerhans
true or false - diabetes insipidus is a problem with insulin production false (is a water metabolism problem)
there are 2 primary forms of diabetes mellitus - list the 2 types and give age of onset Type I - under age of 30 Type II - over age of 30
which diabetes is insulin dependent Type I
the structure units of the thyroid gland are follicles which produce T3 & T4 - T4 is also known as thyroxine
T3 is also known as triiodothyronine
what hormone stimulates T3 & T4 TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)
the parathyroid hormone increases an absorption of what 2 things from bones to blood to raise the blood levels calcium & phosphate
what are the 2 functions of glucogons 1) tells liver to change glycogen to glucose; 2) tells body to use fats and amino acids for energy
what hormone increases the transportation of glucose into cells by making the cell membrane more permeable insulin
the adrenal medulla secretes what 2 hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine
what are the 2 functions of aldosterone 1) reabsorb sodium; 2) excrete potassium
what hormone is produced by the pineal gland & what are its 2 functions as a hormone melatonin - 1) helps you fall asleep; 2) helps you stay asleep
Inhibin in testes decreases the secretion of what hormone FSH
list 5 functions of prostaglandins 1) inflammation; 2) blood clotting; 3) uterine contractions; 4) reproduction; 5) pain mechanism
steroid hormones are in what part of the cell membrane lipids
what inside the cells the steroid hormone combines with the protein receptors in what liquid cytoplasm
this complex enters a nucleus and activates specific genes
what are the 4 main types of thyroid cancer follicular, anaplastic, medullary & papillary
gestational diabetes is also known as Type 3
gestational diabetes has its onset during pregnancy
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