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senses system

what 3 things do free nerve endings feel pain, heat, cold
what 2 things do encapsulated nerve endings feel touch & pressure
what are the 2 types of visceral sensations hunger & thirst
which visceral sensation diminishes & goes away if you ignore it hunger
which visceral sensation does not diminish and gets worse if you ignore it thirst
pain of a heart attack is felt in the left shoulder - what is this an example of referred pain
what visual receptors in your eye detect light rods
what visual receptors in your eye detect color cones
define refraction bending a light ray as it passes from one object to another
what is the first part of the eye that actually refracts light cornea
you have 2 types of liquid in the eye - what do you call the liquid in the anterior chamber aqueous humor - has nutrients in it
what do you call the liquid in the posterior chamber vitreous humor - holds the retina in place
what is the name of the structure where the acqueous humor liquid is reabsorbed canal of schlemm
what is the colored portion of the eye called and what causes it iris caused by genetics
what controls the size of your pupil iris
what part of the macula only contains cones fovea
what lobe in the brain contains sensory areas for vision occipital
where are the receptors for hearing located organ of corti that is found in the cochlea
which bone transports vibration to the fluid in the inner ear at the oval window stapes
the utricle & saccule are 2 membranes located in what area of the semicircular canals vestibule
what main structure in the ear provides information to the brain when the body is in motion semicircular canals
a diagnostic test used to indirectly measure intraocular pressure is called tonometry
when we do a visual field test what 2 types of vision should be always evaluated central vision & peripheral vision
what is a chalazion small painless swelling on the edge of the eyelid
if we remove fluid & surgically insert a tube into the tympanic membrane for treating otitis media - what is the procedure called myringotomy
ringing or buzzing in the ear is known as tinnitus
hearing loss is categorized in what 2 ways sensorineural hearing loss & conductive hearing loss
what happens in conductive hearing loss the vibrations are not being transmitted
what happens in sensorineural loss the nerve impulses are not being transmitted
what is pupillary sensory reflex reducing amt of light to retina to protect it & allows for better close vision
the most common primary malignancy in the eyes of a child is called retinoblastoma
glaucoma is damage to the optic nerve & is often caused by an elevation of intraocular pressure
what does tympanic membrane (eardrum) doe stretches across canal & vibrates from sound waves
name the 3 auditory bones malleus, incus, stapes
what is normal eye refraction light rays enter eye & are focused on retina on poterior portion
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