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NT Final

Sorgue New Testament Final

Believers in this town were compared favorably to those in Thessalonica Beria
Who was Paul’s amanuensis when he sent letter to the Romans Tertius
It was at this place that Paul had to deal with the followers of the goddess Artemis on his third missionary journey (first stop) Ephesus
Paul wrote this letter to this church that he did not found (MC) Romans
3John is a letter written to this person Gaius
2John is a letter written to this person The Chosen Lady/ The elected Lady
This person was the bishop or overseer of Church at Ephusus Timothy
This person was the bishop or overseer of Church at Crete Titus
When in Athens, Paul sent Timothy to this place to see how the believers were doing Thessalonica
In 2Timothy Paul asked Timothy to bring this person to with him because useful in the ministry John Mark
In Thessalonians, Paul suggested that those that didn’t want to work do what? They don’t eat
Know the Prison Letters Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon
Know Pastoral Letters 1&2 Timothy and Titus
Who did apostles select to replace Judas? Matthias
Who did Paul talk about being ill Ephaphroditus
In Epistles of Jude, indentifies himself to be the brother of James
2Peter chapter 2 is similar to what book in emphasizing disobedience Jude
In the book of James love your neighbor as yourself is referred to as what? Royal Law
In book of Matthews referred to as the Golden Law
Who is the Roman general who led the army to destroy the temple in 70AD Titus
Paul’s letter to Philemon about the runaway slave is about Onesimus
The disciples were first called Christians at Syrian Antioch
Which believers received the painful letters from Paul Corinthians
Who is the centurion who was led to the lord by Peter at Caesarea Cornelius
What was the name of the dynasty/family that ruled from Egypt Ptolemaic
What was the name of the dynasty/family that ruled from Syria Seleucid (both during the Greek period)
What was the name of the ruler from Syria that desecrated the temple Antiochus IV Epiphanies
What was the name of Jewish revolt that aimed at reestablishing the practice of Jewish practice Maccabian Revolt [started by Mattithius  continued by Judas Macibius (son)]
What’s the name of the Jewish feast that was the cleansing Hanukkah
Where did John Mark lead Paul and Barnabas on the first missionary journey Perga in Pamphylia
Where did Paul have his Macedonian vision (on second missionary journey second stop) Troas
First Christian martyr Stephen
In what language was the NT originally written in Greek
Which religious sect approached Jesus with a question about 7 brothers marrying the same woman Sadducees
Which religious sect joined with the Pharisees about payment of taxes to Romans Herodians
Which roman general conquered Palestine in 63BC Pompey
About how many people accepted Jesus as our lord and savior on the day of Pentecost 3000
Know the synoptic gospels Matthew, Mark and Luke
Who was Timothy’s grandmother Lois
Who was Timothy’s mother Eunice
Which religious sect did Paul belong to before he became an apostle Pharisee
Who did Paul study under? Gamaliel
Eschatology is the study of the last days or end time
Only Eschatology book is Revelation
Love chapter is 1Corinthians 13
Resurrection chapter is 1 Corinthians 15
Which chapter is the hall of faith Hebrews 11
In the book of revelation, talks about the pouring out of 7 bowls of wrath, 7 letters to 7 churches, Blowing of 7 trumpets, Opening of 7 seals
In which of Paul’s letters does he set forth the qualifications of being a pastor? Timothy and Titus
Who was Paul’s companion during his 1st missionary journey Barnabas
Who was Paul’s companion during his 2nd and 3rd missionary journey silas
Barnabas and John Mark went to Tarsus
In who’s house were they in when they were praying for Peter’s release from prison Mary the mother of John Mark
Who was the person the Philip led to the Lord on a desert road Ethiopian Unit
What was the name of the road Road to Gaza
What was the name of the angel to appeared to the virgin Mary Gabriel
Who was beheaded at the wishes of Herodians John the Baptist
In what city did Paul preach a great sermon at areopus Athens (on second missionary journey)
Where did Paul heal a cripple on his first missionary journey (last stop) Lystra (he healed the Lame man here)
What was the name of the disciple that the Lord told Saul to lay hands on Ananias
Know the General Epistles Hebrews through Jude
Paul said that this person left him because his love for the world Demas
Paul said this metal worker did cause him great harm Alexander
Silversmith is Demetrius
Who was the emperor who expelled all the Jews from Rome Claudius
Paul met Priscilla and Aquilla at Corinth
Their occupation was (and same as Paul) Tentmaker (Paul the tentmaker from Tarsus)
Who was in prison with Paul in Philippi silas
Who raised Jairus’ daughter from dead Jesus
Who raised Dorcas from dead Peter
Who raised Uticus from the dead Paul
Who presided over Jerusalem council James the brother of Jesus
On the 1st missionary journey, (fourth stop) Paul preached a great sermon Pisidian Antias
Who led the Ethiopian unit from the lord? Phillip
Where did Paul lead to Lidia the lord (2nd missionary journey, third stop) Phillipi
Jesus healed the invalid Pool of Bethesda
Jesus sent the man who was born blind here Pool of Siloam
Risen Lord encountered to 2 people Road to Emmaus
Risen Lord encountered Saul Road to Damascus
Lazarus and two sisters lived in Bethany
Lazarus and two Sister’s names Mary and Martha
Sons of Thunder John and James
Barnabas means The encourager
Who was the name of the Pharisee that went to see Jesus at night Nicodemus
Jesus told Nicodemus that he had to be born again
“The Doubter” Thomas
Emperor of Rome when Jesus was born Caesar Augustus
Jesus’ ministry Tiberius Caesar
Forerunner of our Lord John the Baptist
Luke dedicated his book to in NT Theophilus
Luke wrote Luke and Acts
Luke was The beloved physician
Which apostle denied our lord Peter
Who went to Pilate to ask for Jesus’ body Joseph of Arimathea
Was forced to help Jesus carry his cross Simon of Cyrene
Place where Jesus was crucified Galgatha
Accompanied Joseph of Arimathea in taking away Jesus’ body Nicodemus
Which prisoner did Jews set free instead of Jesus Barrabas
Who were the two governors under whom Paul was tried Felix and Festus
Who was Simon Peter’s brother Andrew
Who did Jesus exercise the 7 demons to Mary Magdalene
Know the disciples Simon Peter, Andrew, James, his brother John Phillip and Thomas, Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus, Thaddeus and Simon, Judas and Bartholomew
Jesus formed his first miracle at Cana in Galilee and turned water into wine
Who was John the Baptist’s mother Elizabeth
Who was John the Baptist’s father Zechariah
Which Herod tried the apostle Paul Herod Agrippa the second
Which Herod Beheaded James Herod Agrippa the first
Which Herod Beheaded John the Baptist Herod Antipas
Was ruling in Judea when Joseph returned from Egypt Herod Archelaus
Ordered all male babies 2 years and younger to be killed Herod the Great
Which Jewish sect is not mentioned in the bible Essenes
Jewish emphasized the oral tradition along with the scriptures Pharisees
Jewish sect did not believe in the resurrection of the dead nor the existence of angels and spirits Sadducees
Jewish sect is believed to have produced the Dead Sea Scrolls Essenes
Jewish sect taught that pleasure was the purpose and goal of a person Epicureanism
Jewish sect emphasized “special knowledge” and secret rituals Gnosticism
Who prophesied that a family was going to occur Agabus
Who blessed Jesus when consecrated at the temple Simeon?
What is amillennialism? No belief of thousand year rein of god
Bearer of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians and Colossians Tychicus
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