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thiazide&like diuretics result in Na+ & H2O excretion from the kidney 2, reduced circulating bld volume will lower the B/P, 3, first choic for HPT tx in pts with adequate renal fxn - not for pt with DM, 4, k+ is also lost with sodium and water
chlor-thali-done hygroton
cholro-thiazide diuril
hydro-chloro-thiazide hydro-diuril -HCTZ
uses/considerations HPT-Check K+
LOOP DIURETICS 1, sodium and water excretion at the loop of henle, 2, causes intense diuresis and k+ loss, 3, sulfa derivative-check for allergies
furosemide lasix 40 mg tid
Bumetanide bumex ( not approved for hpt)
use/considerations hpt/CHF/liver or renal dx , k+ supplement
POTASSIUM SPARING DIURETICS causes mild diuresis but blocks potassium excretion
spironol-actone aldactone (hpt)
triamterene dyrenium (hpt-combined with HCTZ)
Side effects hyperkalemia (with potassium sparing diuretics), hypokalemia, hyponatremia, hypotension
nursing implications give am, weight daily, I &O, assess for electrolyte imbalance:
hypo- kalemia malaise, muscle weakness, dsyrhthmia
hyper-kalemia n/d, muscle weakness, dsyrhthmia
hypo-natremia muscle weakness, leg cramps , dry mouth
Created by: meinmethoo