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Ed's MedTerms

Stems 2

cili eyelash
cion uvula
clast break
claustr barrier
cleido collarbone, key
clino bed
clivus slope
coagul coagulate, clot
coccus berry
coccyx cuckoo, cuckoo bill
collic hill
collo glue
collus neck
conios dust
cond hard knob
core dolly, pupil (of eye)
cori leather
corn horn
cox(a) hip
corp physical body
cre(s)c grow
cribi sieve
crine secretion (separation)
cubit elbow
cubo lay down
cule little
culpo vagina
cuneo wedge
cutis skin
cyan dark blue
cycl circle, wheel
cysto urinary bladder
cyto cell
dacr tear (from the eye)
dacty finger
demos people
dens tooth
dent tooth
derm skin
desm harden, bind together
desis binding
desmo hard
dextro right-sided
diadocho succeed, take over
didym twin
digi(t) finger, toe
diphth leathery membrane
docho cup, container
drepan sickle
dromo running a race; course
duc, duct lead, guide
dynia pain
echin spiny
echo echo
ectasia dilatation
edem(a) excess tissue fluid
embol bottle stopper
embryo embryo, fetus
em(ia) blood
enceph brain
enchyme filling, installation
entero intestine
ergo work
erythro red
esthesia perception
f(a)eco feces, refuse
fac make, build, do, perform
facie face, countenance, looks
fasc bundle, fascia
fec make, build, do, perform
fer carrying, bearing
fibr fibrous
fic make, build, do, perform
fis, fid split, cleave, divide
flagel whip
flav yellow
flat blow
flect bend
flex bend
fora/foro make a hole
fornic arch
fract break into pieces
frag break into pieces
fring break into pieces
fuge flee
fun melt, pour
fus melt, pour
gala(k) milk
gam(y) marry
gangl knot
gangr gangrene, gnawing sore
galact milk
gastr stomach, belly
gemin twin
gen become, beget, produce
glans acorn
gleno shoulder
gli(o) glial cells, literally "glue"
glob sphere, ball, round body
glomer tuft
gloss tongue
glute buttocks
gnatho jaw
gnosis know
gogue lead
gono offspring, product, seed, semen
gonio angle
gracile slender
gram record
gran grain
graph writing, scratching
gryph claw
gynec female