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Religion Vocab. 1-5

study these (all vocab but Heresies)

apostle "to send away"
bishop a successor of the apostles who has recieved the fullness of Christ's priesthood
church "the body of Christ and the temple of thew Holy Spirit"
church history the record of the life of Jesus, the actions of men, and the guiding light of the Holy Spirit acting in the Church
concil an authorized gathering of bishops
martyrdom the supreme witness given to the truthof the Faith by bearing witness even unto death
pentecost celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Mary and the apostles 50 days after the Resurrection
agape love
apologist one who writes a work in order to defend and explain the Christian Religion
apostolic father saintly writers of the early Chruch whom the Church recognizes as her special witness of faith
catechumens "the instructed"
The Didache A sixteen chapter treatise including baptism, fasting, prayers, the Eucharist, and the developing Church hierarchy among the early Christians
Eucharist "thanksgiving"
ICHTHYS "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior"
martyrdom Being killed for one's faith
papacy The Vicar of Christ
Presbyter "priest"
sign of the cross (father son holy spirit, amen)
synod an assembly of ecclesiastics gathered together under Church authority to discuss and decide on matters pertaining to doctrine, liturgy, or discipline
Ad Metalla "to the mines"
apostasy the willful renunciation o the faith in its entirety
apostate a person who denies the Faith altogether
heretic a person who denies one or more doctrines of the Faith
trajan's rescript policy for handling Christians in the Roman Empire whihc stated that Christians who renounced their faith and offered sacrifice would be allowed to live. Those who did not renounce their faith would suffer death
chrysostom "golden mouthed"
doctor of the church a specific title given by the pope to those whose development of theology and personal sanctity are exemplary
ecumenical council these bring bishops and others entitled to vote from all over the world to discuss central issues of the church. they are ammended by the pope
infallible free from error
Marcionism he renounced all Jewish influence on the church, believing that the god of the the Old Testament was the evil Demiurge
vulgate First translation of the bible from its original languages into Latin by St. Jerome
Allah Arabic word for god
diocese a territorial division of the church
The Hajj the pilgrimage to Mecca required of all Muslims once during their lifetime
hermit One who has retired into solitary life for religious motives
Islam Arabic for "submission"
Jihad Holy war waged by Muslims
Kaaba "square building", is the focus of the pilgrimage to Mecca
Lectio Divina Reading and meditation on Scripture
monasticism a way of life characterized by asceticism and self- denial lived more or less in seclusion from the world and under fixed rule and vows
Ore Et Labora "pray and work"
Ramadan the holy month of Islam to be the time when the Koran was given to Muhammad
scriptorium large room in a monestary dedicated to the copying and maintaining of texts
The Shahada The first pillar of Islam, " There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet"
vow a solemn promise made voluntarily by a person of reason
Created by: spearie00183
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