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Marilyn and Nile

General Office Duties

Chronological file used as a reminder Tickler file
The screening & sorting of emergency situations Emergency triage
What should NOT be included in patients file? Financial situations
Account statements for a medical practice should be sent.... First class mail
Certified mail is used to send...? Documents,contracts and bank books
the correct complimentary closing Best Regards
Mail available 7 days a week Express Mail
Soap pertains to... Patient records
Incoming call should be answered By the second or third ring
An appointment book is considered A legal Document
Dealing with a seriously ill patient you should... Avoid empty promises
schedule method where patients sign in and are seen on a first come first served basis is Open booking
Scheduling 2 or more patients in the same slot is known as Double Booking
Via the usps a package of books that weigh 90lbs can not be sent because it exceeds the weight limit
Abbreviation NP New Patient
A type of Tickler file Subject
Publication and Journals are usually sent as Periodicals
The proofreaders mark # represents Add a Space
Standard letterhead Used in general business correspondence
Office policy manuals contain Regulations and personal appearance
Created by: ssmss68