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Unit 4 Bible

Dr. Miller's Unit 4 NT test

Addressed to the 12 tribes James
Addressed to exiles 1 Peter
Addressed to those who have relieved the faith as precious as ours 2 Peter
Addressed to those who are called who are beloved & kept safe for Christ Jude
Addressed to elect lady & her children 2 John
Addressed to Gaius 3 John
apokalupsis literal meaning to unveil
apokalupsis worldview meaning belief more that there is more than the physical eye can see
apokalupsis ethical meaning viewing world as God views it
antichrist denies Father & the Son
apostolicity rooted in eye witnesses & associated iwth an apostle
catchword connections move from passage to another based on catchwords rather than logical progression or a stated transition
4 features of apocalyptic literature 1. symbolism 2. visionary 3. repetitive & nonlineared 4. suffering
types of symbolism numbers, colors, & animals
date: 66/67 2 Peter
date: before 2 Peter Jude
doxology Jude
Place: Jerusalem James
echoes Sermon on the Mount James
uses catchword connections to transition James
seems to contradict Paul about faith with works but doesn't James
date: 60-63 1 Peter
Provenance Rome aka "Babylon" 1 Peter
Key themes: 1. suffering as a Christian, for doing good, & with Christ 2. submission 3. submersion 1 Peter
uniqueness of book: references Paul's writings as scripture & delays Parousia 2 Peter
canon issues uses nonbiblical sources & apostolicity Jude
Michael/Moses quotation Jude
not written like a letter 1 John
Themes: truth, certainty of forgiveness, eternal life, love, & anitchrist 1 John
compared with John's gospel purpose statement 1 John
many antichrist 1 John
declaration brings joy & fellowship 1 John
books purpose is to know we have eternal life & life giving belief 1 John
commands not to give hospitality to false teachers 2 John
bad guy in the book Diotrephes 3 John
reveals: nature of Christ, suffering & evil Revelation
doesn't reveal the world will end or when or how it will happen Revelation
key understandings in book: what must soon take place & for the time is near & persecution Revelation
antiinterpretations: armageddon, antichrist, rapture, & 666 Revelation
James name is actually short for Jacob
Jude is short for Judah
epistle document that appears to be a letter but it's not a letter for anyone in particular like a dear editor
general epistle broad unspecific audience
catholic epistle universal
references the OT extensively Hebrews
author is unknown Hebrews
Melchizedek is mentioned throughout the book Hebrews
Jesus as High Priest metaphor Hebrews
confidence for Christians key concept Hebrews
Superior, better more excellent are all key words in this book Hebrews
style & vocabulary is distinctly Greek even though it references Hebrews
was slow to find a firm place in the canon Hebrews
Created by: midnight1854



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