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Cold War, Independence Movements, Conflicts in Middle East

What policy did the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan support? containment
What did the US and other allies do in response to the Soviet blockade of Berlin? Berlin Airlift
Who were the two superpowers of the Cold War? Soviet Union and United States
What was the purpose of the EEC (European Economic Community)? to promote free trade
What did the Soviet Union do after NATO was established? created the Warsaw Pact
What did the US do after the Soviets launched Sputnik? Created NASA
Why did the US get involved in Korea and Vietnam? Domino theory if one country fell to communism all would fall
What event involved Soviet missiles located close to the US? Cuban Missile Crisis
For what kind of problems did the Communists in China give solutions? social and economic
What type of government was put in place in Vietnam after the US withdrew? communist
What do Zionists want? Jews to have a homeland
Why was Palestine claimed by both Israelis and Arabs? Religious reasons
Why did Eygpt try to take over the Suez Canal? prevent foreign influence
What did the PLO want? Palestinian homeland
What did Gandhi want India to do when they became independent? Make own cloth
What two groups were the issue in the creation of Pakistan? Hindus and Muslims
What method did Algeria, Kenya, and Angola use to gain independence? guerrilla warfare
Created by: camoose