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JC Religions Review

Followers of Judaism are called Jews/Jewish
Followers of Christianity are called Christians
the Hebrew (Jewish) word for God Yahweh
the Christian word for God God - changes depending on what language you speak
Judaism originated in _____________ over _______________ years ago Israel - 4,000 ya
Christianity originated in _____________ over _______________ years ago Israel during the Roman Empire - 2,000 ya
Put the following religions in order from MOST to FEWEST followers: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism Christianity - 33%, Islam - 21%, Hinduism - 14%, Buddhism - 6%, Judaism - .22%
A religion where followers live by the example of the Torah and have a covenant relationship with God. Judaism
A religion where followers live by the example of the Bible and their messiah, Jesus. Christianity
"father" of the three monotheistic religions Abraham
Name the three monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Famous people in Judaism Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel)- Moses: got the 10 commandments from God and saved the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt
Famous people in Christianity Jesus: messiah, son of God (DIVINE), taught using parables, born and raised Jewish, stories of him in the New Testament
Temple Mount holy JEWISH site located in Jerusalem – site of Solomon’s Temple (was destroyed, said to have held the arc of the covenant), Wailing/Western Wall remains today
Church of the Holy Sepulcher holy CHRISTIAN site located in Jerusalem, where Christians believes Jesus' tomb is
Jewish Holy Book and Language Torah and Talmud, written in Hebrew
Christian Holy Book and Language Bible, written in many languages (contains the New and Old Testament)
Jewish Place of Worship Synagogue
Christian Place of Worship Church
Jewish Day of Worship Saturday
Christian Day of Worship Sunday
Jewish Holy Days or Celebrations Rosh Hashanah: New Year - Yom Kippur: Day of Atonement - Bar/Bat Mitzvah: adult status - Chanukah: festival of light - Passover: commemorates stories of Exodus
Christian Holy Days or Celebrations Christmas Season: time of Jesus’s birth - Easter Season: time of Jesus’s death and resurrection - Confirmations: adult status
Jewish Leadership Rabbi (Hebrew word for teacher)
Christian Leadership ministers, priests, Pope (Roman Catholic), monks, nuns
Jewish Sects Orthodox, Reformed, Hasidic
Christian Sects Eastern Orthodox, Protestant (Methodist, Lutheran, etc.), Roman Catholic, Independent/American Groups (Mormons, Quakers, etc.)
Connections between all three monotheistic religions stories of the Old Testament (creation story, Noah's Ark, Moses, 10 commandments), Abraham, Muslims refer to Jews and Christians as "peoples of the book" because they share Old Testament stories
Connections between Judaism and Christianity Christianity was formed from Judaism, but is NOT part of it. Jesus was Jewish - however, he is NOT the Jewish messiah, Jews are still waiting for their messiah
Created by: schencktj