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Final OT Exam

Bible Exam

The prophetic introductory formula is? Thus saith the Lord
Who was priest at the time of Samuel's calling? Eli
What does "etiology" mean? Story of Beginnings
Solomon is the son of David and_____. Bathsheba
Parallelism where thought is repeated is? Synonymous
Romantic love is celebrated in the text of? Song of Solomon
"Wisdom for successful living" is the theme for what book? Proverbs
Questions of God's justice and the problem of evil is? Theodicy
1 & 2 Samuel are titled based on? Principle character
"Declaration" is characteristic of? Forth-telling
What three books are formally a wisdom text? Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes
"Sow-reap" generally represents what? Retribution Theology
Psalm 137 may reflect? Jerusalem's Fall
The Davidic Covenant promised? David's line would be kings
The golden years of Israel's monarchy were marked by? Literary Proliferation, High Spirituality, and Political Stability
Aphorisms are? Proverbs
Hebrew poetry is based on? Parallelism
Who and when did the Northern Kingdom fall? Assyrians in 722 B.C.
The phrase, "Yom Yahweh" refers to? Day of the Lord
The largest category of psalms is? Lament/Disorientation
Psalms of ascent/degrees are? Pilgrimage songs
Legitimate prophets came from which tribe? Levi, Nazarite, and Judan
Davids with _____ caused him problems later on. Bathsheba
Saul's failure occurred with regard to who? Agag
During Samuel's era, who captured the Ark? The Philistines
Who contributed to the book of Proverbs? Solomon, Agur, and Lemuel
A pre-exilic, minor prophet ministering in the S. Kingdom was? Micah
Rehoboam's taxation and forced labor resulted in what? The splitting of the kingdom
Solomon's building spree saw construction of? Temple, Fortresses, and Palace
Two aspects of Yom Yahweh are? Judgment and Hope
Maxims are? Proverbs
Legitimate kings come from which Tribe and House? Judah; David
"Doxology" means? Words of Glory
Five doxologies mark what book? Psalms
David made which city capitol of the Unified Kingdom? Jerusalem
A pre-classical prophet of the N. Kingdom who confronted Baalism was? Elijah
The classical prophet who ministered two years before an earthquake was? Amos
"Qoholeth" means? The preacher
1 & 2 Kings is a sequel to what book(s)? 1 & 2 Samuel
Jereboam 1 established rival shrines at? Dan and Bethel
Amos' name means? Burden
King David was guilty of murdering who? Uriah
Which classical prophet was from the South but ministered in the North? Amos
"Seasons of well-being" characterize psalms of? Orientation
Psalm 126 may reflect on the? Return of Exile
Literature associated with the Monarchy Period were? Poetic and Wisdom
Three types of parallelism are? Synonymous, Antithetical, and Synthetic
Synonymous parallelism is? Repeating thought
Antithetical parallelism is? Contrasting thought
Synthetic parallelism is? Extending thought
The theme of Psalms is? Praises/songs to God
Three types of Psalms are? Orientation (Well-being), Disorientation (Lament), and Reorientation (Discovery)
Two interpretation types of Song of Solomon are? Allegorical (looks for hidden meaning) and Typological (OT symbol represents NT truth)
What are the book of Job's two themes? Theodicy and Innocent suffering
Ecclesiastes is named the what? Qoholeth (the preacher)
The theme of Ecclesiastes is? Searching for a meaningful life
Torah means? Law
Nebiim means? Prophets
Kethubiim means? Writings
Characteristics of prophets were? Inspired speakers
Priests were ____ into their role. born
Kings were born into their ____. role
Prophets were ______ into their role. Called
How did prophets communicate? Verbally (speeches), Symbolically (actions), and Written (letters)
The criteria of true prophets were? Must emphasize faithfulness to Yahweh and prediction must come true
Elements of prophecy were? Forth-telling (declaration) and fore-telling (prediction)
How many tribes break away to the north and how many break away to the south? 10 (north) and 2 (south)
In the book of _____, there was no king and each person did what was right in their own eyes. Judges
In the books of _____, the kings do what is right in their own eyes. Kings
What kingdom ceased to exist as a political entity? Northern Kingdom
Jonah means? Dove
The text of Jonah is comprised of? Narrative, poetry, aphorism, and prophecy
The purpose/theme of Jonah is? To the Gentiles (purpose); Grace for all (theme)
The purpose of Amos is? Focus on role of prophetic calling
Hosea means? Salvation
Purpose of Hosea is? Denounces immorality and illustrates covenant relationship
In the Assyrian Period and N. Kingdom what are the Minor prophets? Jonah, Amos, Hosea
In the Assyrian Period and S. Kingdom what are the Minor prophets? Micah
In the Assyrian Period and S. Kingdom what are the Major prophets? Isaiah
In the Babylonian Period in the N. Kingdom what is in the Minor Section? Lamentations
In the Babylonian Period in the S. Kingdom what are the Major prophets? Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel
In the Babylonian Period in the S. Kingdom what are the Minor prophets? Nahum, Zephaniah, Habakkuk
In the Persian Period in the N. Kingdom what are the Minor prophets? Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther
In the Persian Period in the S. Kingdom what are the Minor prophets? Haggai, Zechariah, Joel, Malachi
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