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Ed's MedTerm

Stems 1

acanth spine, prickle
aceto vinegar
acou hear
acro extremity, tip, sharp
actin ray, beam
acu sharp, abrubt, sudden
adeno gland
adipo fat
aero air
a(esth) perception
agogue leader
agon contest, struggle
ala wing
alb white
algo pain
alien stranger, strange
allelo one another, mutual
amauros blind
am(o)eb constantly changing
ambi/amph both sides
ambly dim, faint
amnio amnion, "bowl"
amylo starch
andro male
angio vessel (blood, bile)
ankyl bent, crooked; a joint locked in one position
annulus little ring
anser goose
anthem flower
anthrac black
anthro man/human
aort aorta
aphro froth, sexual love
aqu water
arachn spider, spider web
archo ancient, beginning
argy silver, shining
artero artery (as opposed to vein)
arthro joint
artic little joint
asthm panting, short breaths
athero gruel
atri entry chamber
axilla armpit
axo center, axis
aud hear
aur hear
aus hear
auto self
aux make grow
azo nitrogen
bac(t) rod
ball throw
balano acorn, glans
blast sprout
blenno snot
bleph eyelid
bol throw
brachi arm
brady slow
branch gill
bronch bronchus
bucc cheek (inside)
burs bursa, purse
caes cut deep
c(h)ord notochord
c(o)ele rupture
carpo wrist
calci limestone
calco heel, spur
calyc cup
campy bend
canc crab
capo head, expanded part
centr center
carbo charcoal, carbon
carcin crab
carcinoma cancer from epithelium
card heart, heart-shape
carot great neck arteries
carpo wrist
caus burn
centesis puncture
centr center
cep(h) head, expanded part
cephal head
cept seize, take
cereb(r) brain
cervic neck
ch(e)ir hand
chemo chemistry
chlor light green
chol(e) bile
chondr cartilage; grain
chorea dance
chori chorionic membrane
chrom color
chron time, long time
chyle digested food juice
cide killing, "falling"
cise cut deep