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MSG 4/26/11


3 superficial posterior leg compartment gastrocnemius soleus plantaris
gas sucks paychecks gastrocnemius soleus plantaris
gastrocnemius crosses 2 joints, 2 heads belly of leg
gastrocnemius origin lateral & medial condyles of femur
gastrocnemius insertion calcaneus/achillies
soleus 2nd heart, sole fish
soleus origin soleal line
soleus insertion calcaneus/achillies
plantaris longest tendon in body dissapearing* crosses 2 joints
disappearing plantaris
plantaris origin lateral condyle of femur
plantaris insertion calcaneous
4 deep posterior leg compartment tibialis (tom) flexor digitorum longus (dick) flexor hallucis longus (harry) popliteus (peter)
tom tibialis posterior
dick flexor digitorum longus
harry flexor hallucis longus
peter popliteus
tibialis posterior (tom) extremely deep shin-splints
tibialis posterior (tom) origin proximal posterior tibia & fibula
tibialis posterior (tom) insertion plantar surface of foot
flexor digitorum longus (dick) origin posterior middle tibia
flexor digitorum longus (dick) insertion toes 2-5
flexor hallucis longus (harry) origin middle 1/2 posterior fibula
flexor hallucis longus (harry) insertion great toe plantar surface
popliteus (peter) pops the knee open*
popliteus (peter) origin lateral condyle of femur
popliteus (peter) insertion proximal posterior tibia
3 peroneals lateral leg compartment peroneus longus (lesbian) peroneus brevis (bisexual) peroneus tertius (transexual)
disappearing *peroneus tertius
peroneus longus (lesbian) stirrup of foot
peroneus longus (lesbian) origin proximal 2/3 lateral fibula
peroneus longus (lesbian) insertion base 1st M.T medial ciniform
peroneus brevis (bisexual) origin distal 2/3 lateral fibula
peroneus tertius (transexual) insertion base 5th M.T
3 anterior leg compartment tibialis anterior (all) extensor digitorum longus (day) extensor hallucis longus (homework)
all tibialis anterior (all)
day extensor digitorum longus (day)
homework extensor hallucis longus (homework)
tibialis anterior (all) completes the stirrup*
tibialis anterior (all) origin lateral condyle of tibia proximal lateral tibia interosseus membrane
tibialis anterior (all) insertion base 1st M.T (plantar surface) medial cuniform (plantar surface)
extensor digitorum longus (day) origin lateral condyle of femur proximal anterior fibula interosseus membrane
extensor digitorum longus (day) insertion toes 2-5 dorsal surface
extensor hallucis longus (homework) origin middle anterior fibula interosseus membrane
extensor hallucis longus (homework) insertion great toe dorsal surface
diaphragm insertion central tendon
anatomical snuffbox Abductor Pollicis Longus Extensor Pollicis Brevis Extensor Pollicis Longus
when we eat baby back ribs we are eating the muscles intercostals
tenderloin or filet mignon muscles psoas major
these 3 attach at the coracoid process of scapula coracobrachialis pectoralis minor biceps brachii short head
strongest forearm supinator biceps brachii
wad of 3
gastrocnemius crosses at 2 joints knee and ankle
known as 2nd heart soleus* lateral to medial deep to gastrocnemius
upside down heart gastrocnemius superficial
achillies/calcaneal tendon gastrocnemius soleus plantaris tendon
pes anserine anterior medial only
tibialis posterior shin splints*
quadratus lumborum hip hiker muscle
masseter strongest muscle in body for its size
anterior to posterior TDANH tom dick "an" harry
TDANH anterior to posterior tibialis posterior flexor digitorum longus tibial artery tibil nerve flexor hallicus longus
longus brevis long short
first metatarsal big toe
stirrup pants loops of a jean peroneus
styloid process lateral border of foot
list all disappearing muscles in body peroneus tertius spoas minor palmaris longus
peroneus longus forms the stirrup of foot tibialis anterior completes it
biceps femoris origin lateral linea aspera ischial tuberosity
gracilis insertion pes anserinus
tensor fascia late origin just posterior to ASIS @ iliac crest
gluteus medius origin ilium between superior and middle gluteal lines
gluteus maximus insertion gluteal line It band
gluteus minimus insertion greater trochanter
semimembranosus insertion medial condyle of tibia
patellar highway quads common attachment site
piriformis origin anterior sacrum
deep 6 lateral rotators laterally rotate the hip
structures that run through adductor hiatus artery, nerve, femoral vein, lymph nodes
sartorius nickname hackie sack, tailors
structure lies deep to piriformis sciatic nerve
only muscle in lateral thigh group tensor fascia late
3 muscles attached to pes anserine gracilis, smeitendinosus, sartorius
precious goods often go on quilts piriformis gemellum superior obturator interior gemellum inferior obturator exterior quadratus femoris
Created by: virg
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