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WK13 Phleb multi cho

Week 13 CCAC phlebotomy multiple choice

In terms of quality control procedures, SD stands for what? Standard Deactivation
pCO2,pO2 and pH are usually referred to as what? Blood gases
the tolerance limits for the glucose control should be outside +/- 3 SD from the mean
Point of care testing for blood glucose monitoring is used frequently to test for? Diabetes mellitus
In point of care testing what conditions can cause erroneous results in glucose testing? 1)Outdated reagents 2)Diabetes meninges 3)Calibrators are not used
SD is the basis for the tolerance limits of the glucose control; SD is the abbreviation for? Specific Direction
Normally, an increased blood glucose level causes release of what substance? Insulin
Which term(s) is/are synonymous with POC testing? 1)Near patient testing 2)Patient focused testing 3)Alternate site testing
Which blood assays can assist in the diagnosis and evaluation of anemia? Hemoglobin and Hematocrit
Trends in the elderly population indicate that point of service testing will increase in? Homes and rehabilitation centers
What is Troponin T? Protein that is released after a heart attack
What do PT and APTT monitor in POC testing? Blood coagulation
What analytes can be measured through POC testing? Potassium
What should be done with elderly patients who are hard of hearing? Adjust position to speak into the patients good ear
What term refers to the volume of circulating blood that is occupied by red blood cells and measured as a percentage? Crit (Hematocrit)
Physical frailties that may affect the elderly are? 1)Susceptibility to hypothermia 2)Loss of taste, smell and feeling 3)Memory loss about taking medicine
Sodium is abbreviated as? NA+
What condition refers to a reduction below normal number of RBC'S Anemia
Emotional factors that associated with old age are? 1)Loss of career 2)Loss of spouse 3)Depression
What is the abbreviation for the term Hematocrit? Hct, crit
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