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Wk13 A&P matching2

Week 13 CCAC A&P matching 2

Inner lining of the uterus Endometrium
Nipple of the breast Mammary papilla
Innermost membrane around the developing embryo Amnion
Dark pigmented area around the breast nipple Areola
External genitalia of female (perineum,labia,hymen,clitoris) Vulva
Area between the anus and vagina in females Perineum
Female gonads, producing ova and hormones Ovaries
Blood vessel filled organ that develops during pregnancy Placenta
Uterine tubes Fallopian tubes
Organ of sensitive erectile tissue in females Clitoris
Finger like ends of the fallopian tube Fimbriae
Lower, neck like portion of the uterus Cervix
Malignant tumor of the pregnant uterus Choriocarcinoma
Condition during pregnancy; hypertension, proteinuria, edema and uremia Preclampsia
Malignant condition of the inner lining of the uterus Endometrial carcinoma
Malignant tumor; often of the ovary Cystadenocarcinoma
Displaced placenta; implantation in the lower region of the uterus Placenta previa
Uterine tissue is located outside the uterus Endometriosis
Cancerous tumor cells are localized in a small area Carcinoma in situ
Premature separation of a normally implanted placenta Abrupto placentae
To tie off or bind Circumcision
Removal of a piece of vas deferens Vasectomy
Orichiectomy Castrations
Removal of the prepuce Circumcision
Destruction of tissue by freezing Cryosurgery
Pus-filled Purulent
Test of fertility (reproductive ability) Semen analysis
Ejection of sperm and fluid from the urethra Ejaculation
Carcinoma of the prostate gland is treated by Radical prostatectomy
Cryptochisim is treated by Orichiopexy
Sterilization (hormones remain) Vasectomy
Benign prostatic hyperplasia is treated by TURP
Reversal of sterilization Vasovasostomy
Removal of swollen, twisted veins near the testes is called Varicocelectomy
Abnormal fluid collection in scrotum Hydrocelectomy
Seminoma is treated by Bilateral orchiectomy
Phimosis is treated by Circumcision
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