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WK12 A&P matching 3

Week 12 CCAC A&P Matching digestive system 3

Third part of the small intestine Ileum
Organ under the stomach; produces insulin and enzymes Pancreas
First part of the large intestine Cecum
Small sac under the liver ;stores bile Gall bladder
Tube connecting the throat to the stomach Esophagus
Large intestine Colon
First part of the small intestine Duodenum
Throat Pharynx
Swollen, twisted veins in the rectal region Hemorrhoids
Chronic liver disease resulting from alcoholism and malnutrition Cirrhosis
Failure of peristalsis Ileus
Calculi in the sac that stores bile Cholecystolithiasis
Sore or lesion of the mucous membrane in the stomach or duodenum Peptic ulcer
Painful, inflamed intestines often caused by bacterial infection Dysentery
Inflammation of the liver caused by type A, B or C virus Hepatitis
Chronic inflammation of the large bowel with ulcers Ulcerative colitis
Abnormal side pocket in the intestinal wall Diverticula
Group of G.I. symptoms associated with stress, but without inflammation of the intestines IBS Irritable bowel syndrome
Created by: blood guy