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WK12 A&P med terms

Week 12 CCAC A&P medical terms

Enlargement of the liver Hepatomegaly
Study of the cause of disease Etiology
Surgical repair of the common bile duct Choledochotomy
Surgical repair of the roof of the mouth Palatoplasty
After meals Post prandial
New opening between the common bile duct and the jejunum Choledochojejunostomy
Black, dark brown, tarry stools Melena
Membrane that holds the intestines together Mesentery
Pertaining to under the tongue Sublingual
High levels of pigment in the blood (jaundice) Hyperbilirubemia
New connection between two previously unconnected tubes Anastomosis
Inflammation of the appendix Appendicitis
Inflammation of the membrane around the abdomen Peritonitis
Inflammation of the large intestine Colitis
Inflammation of the gall bladder Cholecystitis
Inflammation of the salivary gland Sialadenitis
Inflammation of the small and large intestines Enterocolitis
Inflammation of the liver Hepatitis
Inflammation of the Pancreas Pancreatitis
Inflammation of the mouth Stomatitis
Inflammation of the gums Gingivitis
Inflammation of the third part of the small intestine Ileitis
Lack of appetite Anorexia
Bright, fresh red blood in stool Hematochezia
Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen Ascetis
Loose, watery stool Diarrhea
Gas expelled through the anus Flatus
Discharge of fat in the feces Steatorreha
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