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Tongue Diagnosis

Chinese Tongue Diagnosis Study Stack

Pale, Bright, Shiny Qi and Blood Deficiency, particularly of ST and SP
Red Heat in the nutritive or blood levels (w/o coating), or yin def. w/heat (w/o coating)
Pale and slightly dry Blood deficiency
Pale and wet Yang Deficiency
Red, dry, w/coating heat from excess burning body fluids
Red, dry, w/o coating heat from def. of yin & exhaustion of body fluids
Red and wet heat w/retention of dampness
Red and Shiny ST &/or KD yin deficiency
Red w/red points or spots Heat with blood stasis
Red w/prickles Heat in the nutritive level or in the upper or middle burner
Red & Peeled Heat from ST & KD yin
Red & Scarlet LU yin or HT yin deficiency
Reddish purple & distended Extreme heat w/blood stasis & poison from alcohol injuring the HT
Dark red w/a dry center ST fire blazing or ST yin def w/heat
Red w/a purple spot in center Blood stasis & heat in ST
Reddish Purple Heat & Blood stasis
Blue Severe internal cold w/blood stasis
Bluish Purple Blood stasis from internal cold
Bluish purple & moist Blood stasis from internal cold stiffening the tendons & bones
Blue in a pregnant woman danger of imminent miscarriage
Blue central surface SP yang def. w/ retention of phlegm in chest
Blue w/o coat Severe internal cold w/stasis & exhaustion of blood
Distended veins on underside of tongue Def & stagnation of Qi; blood stasis (if veins are also dark)
Swollen tongue SP &/or KD Yang Def. w/dampness
Swollen and red HT & ST heat, or poisoning (alcohol or otherwise)
Swollen edges SP Qi Deficiency
Swollen between tip and center LU Qi w/retention of phlegm
Swollen tip and red HT fire blazing
Swollen and normal color HT Qi Def.
1/2 swollen Weakness of the channels
Partly swollen on side Def. or stagnation of Qi in chest
Thin and pale Def. of blood
Thin and red Def. of yin
Swollen sides Ascendant LV yang or LV fire
Swollen along central crack HT fire blazing (red), HT Qi Def. (normal)
1/2 surface swollen LU Qi def.
Hammer-shaped ST, SP, KD Def.
Stiff and red or dark exterior heat invading PC
Stiff and red Heat injuring body fluids
Stiff Blazing HT fire
Stiff and normal color internal wind
Flaccid and pale Exhausted Qi & blood
Flaccid and red Extreme heat injuring fluids
Flaccid and deep red KD yin def. w/heat
Loose and red interior excess heat
Loose, red, w/ slippery coating Phlegm fire clouding HT
Loose and pale HT Qi Def.
Long Blazing HT fire or phlegm fire in HT
Short and pale SP yang def or internal cold
Short and red Heat stirring LV wind
Short and red w/coat Insuffiency of body fluids due to heat from excess
Short, red, w/o coat Heat from def.
Moving and red HT fire and internal wind
Moving, red and dry SP heat w/ exhaustion of body fluids
Deviated and normal Exterior wind invading channels
Deviated (red or normal) Interior LV wind
Deviated and pale HT Qi def.
Numb and pale HT blood def
Numb and normal or red LV wind
Numb and slippery Wind phlegm
Quivering and pale SP Qi Def.
Quivering and red Extreme heat generating internal wind
Quivering and pale Collapse of HT and SP Qi
Quivering, pale, and thin Collapse of Yang
Ulcerated and red Blazing HT fire or SP & KD heat
Ulcerated, red and peeled HT heat from KD yin Def.
Tip rolled over Heat from Excess
Tip rolled under Heat from Def.
Tooth marked SP Qi Def.
Sore-covered and red Hot poison in HT channel
Sore-covered, red and peeled Heat from Def
White or White & thin tongue coat Wind, cold, or dampness in the exterior
White, thin & slippery tongue coat (TC) Exterior attack of cold dampness
White, thick and slippery Dampness in the middle burner or cold w/retention of food in ST
White, thin, dry TC and pale body Blood def or yang def.
White, thin, dry TC Exterior attack of wind cold or wind heat; LU fluids injured; Exterior attack of dryness
White, thick and wet (normal) Exterior attack of wind cold
White, thick and wet (pale or normal) Interior cold dampness in middle burner
White, thick and dry Dirty fluids in the interior w/heat
White, thick and greasy Yang def. w/ retention of food or dampness
White, thick, greasy & slippery SP yang def w/ cold dampness or phlegm
White, thick, greasy and dry Dampness w/ exhaustion of body fluids or heat
White, rough & cracked Attack of summer heat injuring the Qi (Qi level)
White, sticky & greasy Dampness or phlegm in the middle burner; exterior attack of dampness at the Qi level
White like powder, body red slightly red on tip or sides Exterior heat
White like powder adn red or dark red body Interior poison
White like powder and red body Heat in the triple burner
White like snow SP yang exhaustion w/cold dampness in the middle burner
White & moldy KD & ST yin def or poison in the interior
Yellow or pale yellow TC exterior attack of wind heat; wind cold turning to heat; damp heat in the chest & middle burner
Yellow and slippery TC Damp heat
Dry Yellow TC Heat-injured fluids
Yellow, sticky & greasy TC Heat & phlegm
Right 1/2 white and slippery Pathogenic factor half in the exterior and half in the interior
Left 1/2 white and slippery Heat in the LV
Dirty yellow TC Damp heat in the ST & intestines
Bilateral yellow strips (remainder white) EPF penetrating to the interior; Heat in the ST and intestines
Bilateral yellow strips (reaminder yellow) Heat in LV & GB
Yellow root, white tip EPF just changing into heat & penetrating into the interior
1/2 yellow and 1/2 white (longitudinally) TC Heat in LV and GB
Gray and dry TC Heat from excess
Gray or gray, wet & slippery TC Cold dampness in the SP
Bilateral black on white and wet TC Cold Def. in middle burner
Bilateral black on7 white and dry TC Excess heat in the ST & SP
White coating, black points EPF penetrating to the interior & transforming into heat
Black or black, slippery & greasy Cold dampness in the ST and intestines
Black in the center, white & slippery on sides SP Yang def. w/ cold dampness in the interior
Black, dry & cracked Exhaustion of KD; Yang def. w/ interior cold
1/2 white and slippery, 1/2 yellow and black LV or GB heat
White coating, black prickles True cold, false heat cold turned into heat
White & black TC Dampness in the SP
White in center, yellow around PF just penetrating the interior & changing into heat
Yellow in center and white around Interior heat just starting to clear
Yellow in center, black, slippery, & greasy around Damp heat in the SP
Yellow sides, black prickles in center Heat in the yang brightness stage
Yellow, dry & black center to tip Heat in the ST and intestines
Yellow in center & gray around Damp heat w/ heat-injured fluids
Yellow sides, black & greasy center Damp heat in SP & ST
White, gray, and moist TC Cold dampness in the interior
White, gray & dirty TC Cold dampness or phlegm of long standing
1/2 white, 1/2 gray Cold 1/2 exterior, 1/2 interior
White in center and gray & black around Dampness in the SP
Irregular cracks ST yin Def.
Horizontal cracks Yin Def
Transverse cracks on sides SP Qi Def
Cracks like ice floes Yin def. from old age
Transverse cracks behind tip LU yin Def.
Very deep central crack w/ other small cracks KD yin Def. w/ heat
Vertical crack in center HT yin def. or blazing HT fire
Created by: kdwright
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