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Luther Major Dates


DateMain EventOther Information
1507 Ordained Priest Finds little comfort in Catholic teaching or ritual
1508 Appointed Lecturer in the new university of Wittenberg (blank)
1510 Visited Rome representing the Augustinian Order
1512 Oct. Luther Promoted to Doctor of Theology (blank)
1513-17 Lectures on St.Paul Developing teological understanding of Justification
1516 First Sermon against Indulgences (blank)
1517.Oct. Published 95 Theses He had been ashamed for a long time of the activities of indulgence sellers such as Johan Tetzel. Theses are printed and distributed round germany and wider Europe
1518.Apr Defended Theses At Chapter of Augustinian Order
1518.Oct. Meeting with Cajetan at Ausburg. Cajetan wanted Luther to Recant. Luthre refused
1519.June Leizberg Disputation with Johann Eck attempt by the church to push Luther to condemn himself. Declared that the Pope did not have the final authority over scripture. He condemed himself with similar ideas of Jan Hus (burned).
1520. June Excommunicated by Papal Bull; Publuished 'On the Papacy of Rome (blank)
1520. Aug Published - 'The adress to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation (blank)
1520.Sept Published- 'The Babylonian Captivity of the Church (blank)
1520.Nov. Received Papal Bull; Published 'The Freedom of a Chrisian Man (blank)
1520.Dec. Burned the Papal Bull (blank)
1521.jan 2nd Papal Bull CONFIRMING Luther's excommunication (blank)
1521.April Luther appeared at Diet Of Worms Summoned by the young new CharlesV, under promise of safe conduct to and from the diet
1521.May. Edict Of Worms Luther declared an outlaw by CharlesV. Luther Left and was 'Kidnapped' by Frederick the wise to Wartburg Castle
1522.March. Luther returns to Wittenburg. Find 'Reformation' Reformation led by old friend Andreas Carlstadt; Luther disassocitatees himself with these events.
1522.Sept Publication of German New Testement; Knights war (blank)
1523 Publication of 'Temporal Authority:To what extent should this be obeyed' (blank)
1524-5 Peasents' war defeated at Frankenhausen in May 1525
1525.Spring Luther wrote 'Admonition To Peace Pointed the finger at the landlords and rulers of Germany and seemingly gave justification to the peasents for SOME of thier actions
1525.June Luther married Katherine Von Bora (blank)
1525.dec publushed 'On the Bondage of the Will' This broke him away from the great Humanist Erasmus.
1525-30 The Reformation in Germany became more OFFICAL (blank)
1526 Diet of Speyer Ferdinand demanded the Edict of Worms against Lutheranism be implemented throught the empire.
1529.Oct Colloquy of Marburg Disagreement with the Swiss Reformer Ulrich Zwingle over the nature of the bread and wine inthe communion service.
1530 Diet Of Augsburg Emperor Charles V present
1531.Feb. Foundation of the League of Schmalkalden A defensive allinance of the Princes and states who had signed the Ausburg Confession of 1530
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