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Chap. 9.


Clarity The quality or state of being clear
Competent Having adequate abilites or qualities; having the capacity to function or perform in a certain way
Cultivate To faster the growth of; To improve by labor care, or study
Diction The choice of words especially with regards to clearness, correctness, or effectiveness
Enunciation Utterance of articulate, clear sounds
Inflection A change in pitch or loudness of the voice
Invariably Consistently; Not changing or capable of change
Jargon The technical terminology or characteristic idiom of a perticular group or special activity
Monotone A succession of syllables, words, or sentenced in one unvaried key or pitch
Multitasking Perforning multiple tasks at the same time
Picth The property of a sound, especially a musical tone which is determined by the frequency of the waves producing it; the highness or lowness of sound
Provider Individual or company thet provides medical care and services to a patient or the public
Salutation An expression of greetingm goodwill,or courtesy to a patient or the public
Screen Something that shields, protects, or hides : to select or eleminate through a screening process
STAT Medical Abbreviation for immediately, at this moment
Tactful HAving a keen sence of what is to do or say to maintain good relations with others or to avoid offense
Tedious Tiresome because of length or dullness
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