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heresy religious ideas that oppose accepted church teachings
heretic person who holds a belief that is different from the accepted belief of the Church
Reconquista efforts to retake Spain from the Muslim Moors
Spanish Inquisition organization of priests who looked for and punished non-Christians and heretics in Spain
Reformation a reform movement against the Catholic Church
Indulgences documents that freed their owners from the punishment they were due to receive for their sins
95 Theses Martin Luther’s statements about what he thought was wrong about the Catholic Church
Diet of Worms the court where Martin Luther’s trial was held to convict him of heresy
Protestant a name given to the different churches that were formed as a “protest” against the Catholic Church during the Reformation; ex. Lutheran, Reformed, Calvinist, Anglican, etc.
Lutheran Church the first Protestant Church, which was established by Martin Luther
Anglican Church he Protestant Church started in England by King Henry VIII
ministers Protestant church leaders
Catholic Reformation the Catholic reforms that were made in reaction to the founding of the Protestant churches; also known as the Counter-Reformation
Council of Trent a meeting of bishops and other Catholic leaders from all over Europe to make reforms in the Catholic Church (part of the Catholic Reformation)
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