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Abnormal Lab Values

Abnormal Lab values affecting MCC/CC

Acetones or Ketones-Blood Increased level Ketoacidosis or ketosis
Acid Phosphate-Blood- Increased Level Chronic REnal Failure, Stage IV, V or ESRD
Albumin-Blood Decreased Level Burns, Nephrotic Syndrome
Aldosterone-Blood-Increased Level Heart failure, CHF, all form
Alkaline Phosphate-Blood- Increased Level Calculus of bile duct, Ca of lvier, Leukemia, Pulmonary embolism
Amylase-Blood- Increased Level Pancreatitis, acute Renal failure, chronic reanl failure stage IV, V< ESRD, ketoacidosis
Arterial Blood gases (ABGs)-Bicarbonate (HCO3)-Decreased Level Acidosis, Chronic renal failure Stage IV, V, ESRD, AMI. Ketoacidosis
ABGs-pCO2-Decreased level Metabollic acidosis, ALkalosis respiratory
ABGs-pCO2-Increased Level Metabollic alkalosis, ALkalosis respiratory
ABGs-pH-Decreased Level Metabollic acidosis, Acidosis respiratory, Ketoacidosis
ABGs-pO2-Decreased Level Disease COPD with exacerbation, Cor pulomonale, Acute pulmonary edema
Bilirubin-INdirect-Increased level Hemolytic anemia, Heart failure
Bilirubin Total/Direct-Increased Level Calculus of the bile duct, cancer of the liver, acute hepatitis
Bleeding Time-Increase Level Aplastic anemia, Intravascular coagulation, Von Willebrand disease
BUN-Blood-Increased Level AMI, Acute renal failure, cardiogenic shock
Ca-Blood- Increased Level Cancers that metastasize to the bone, acute reanl failure
CO2-Decreased level metabollic acidosis, Ketoacidosis
CBC-Hematocrt-Decreased Level Aplastic anemia, Hypochromic anemia, Chronic renal failure Stage IV V ESRD, Leukemia
CBC-Hematocrit (Hct) Increase Level COPD w/ exacerbation, Hypovolemic shock
CBC-Hgb-Decreased Level Aplastic anemia, Hypochromic anemia, Cancer large intestine, liver, rectum, small intestine, Chronic renal failure stage IV V ESRD, Leukemia
CBC-Hgb-Increased level COPD with exacerbation, acute broncitis, asthma, CHF
CBC-Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration(MCHC)-decreased livel Hypochromic anemia,
CBC- Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV)-Decreased LEvel Hypochromic anemia,Chronic renal failure Stage IV V ESRD
CBC-RBC-Decreased level Aplastic anemia, ACute anemia, Chronic renal failure Stage IV V ESRD
CBC-RBC-Increase level ACute cor pulmonale
CBC-WBC-Above 10,000 Chronic renal failure Stage IV V ESRD,Pulmonary embolism, Acute renal failure, AMI, Acute infections, Leukemia, Pneumonia, etc
CBC-WBC-Below 5,000 Aplastic anemia
Chloride (CL)-Blood, Electrolytes-Decreased Level Burns,Hyponatremia, Ketoacidosis
Cl-Blood,Electrolytes-Increased Level Metabollic Acidosis, Acute renal failure, Hypernatremia
Cholesterol-Increase Level Calculus of the bile duct, DM , acute renal failure, AMI
Cold Agglutinins-Increased Level Hemolytic anemia, acute hepatitis, pNeumonia
Creatinine-Blood Increased Level Acute Renal failure, Glomerulonephritis, UTI
Creatinine Phosphokinase (CPK) CK-Blood-Increased Level Infarction, Muscular dystrophy, pulmonary embolism
CPK-MB-Increased Level AMI, Muscular dystrophy
WBC Differential(DIFF) Basophils-Increase Level Anemia, Leukemia
Differential(WBC-DIFF)-Eosinophils-Increase Level Lung Cancer, Addisons Disease, Leukemia, Allergic reeaction
WBC-DIFF-Lymphocytes-Decreased level Aplastic anemia, Burns, Hodgkin's disease
WBC-DIFF-Lymphocytes-Increased level Leukemia, Pneumonia
WBC-DIFF-Lymphocytes-Segmneted Neutophils Decreased level Aplastic anemia, Addison's Disease
WBC-DIFF-Lymphocytes-Segmneted Neutophils Increased level AMI. Leukemia, Pneumonia
GT,GGT-Icreased Level Calculus of the bile duct, Pancreatitis
Glucose, (fasting blood sugar (FBS))-Blood Decreased Level Cancer of the pancrease, Chronic renal failure Stage IV V ESRD, Acute Hepa, hupoglycemia
Glucose, (fasting blood sugar (FBS))-Blood Increased Level DM, CHF, Acute renal failure, AMI, Acute infections, Ketoacidosis
Lactic Dehyrogenase (LDH)(LD)-Increased Level CHF, Hemolytic anemia, AMI, Pulmonary embolism
Lactic Dehyrogenase 1 (LD-1)-Increased Level Hemolytic anemia, AMI
Lipase-Increased Level Acute renal failure, Acute Pancreatitis
Magnesium-Blood-Increased Level Chronic renal failure Stage IV V ESRD, Leukemia
Osmolality-Blood-Decreased Level Cancer of the bronchus, cancer of the lung, ADH deficienecy, hyponatremia
Osmolality-Blood-Increased level Hypernatremia
Platelet Count-Decreased Level Aplastic anemia, Leukemia
Platelet Count-Increased Level ACute infections
K-Blood-Decreased Level Acute renal failure, Ketoacidosis, Leukemia
K-Blood-iNcreased Level Hemolytic anemia, Addison's disease, Acute renal failure
protein-Blood-Decreased level Burns, Hypernatremia, Malnutrition
Prothrombin Time-Increased Level Disseminated Intravascular coagulation (DIC), CHF, Hemophilia
Reticulocyte Count-Decreased Level Aplastic anemia, Hemolytic anemia, Hypochroomic anemia
Reticulocyte Count-Increased Level Aplastic anemia, Hemolytic anemia, Hypochroomic anemia
SEdimentation rate Increased Level Cancer of the stomach, Endocarditis, AMI, Acute infections
Serum Glutamic-Oxaloacetic Transaminase (SGOT)-Increased Level Pulomonary embolism, CHF, AMI
SGPT-ALT-Increased Level AMI, CHF
Na-Blood Electrolyte-Decreased Level Addisons Disease, Chronic reanl failure, Hyponatremia, Ketoacidosis
Na-Blood Electrolyte-INcreased Level chf, aCUTE REnal failure, Hypernatremia
Na-Urine-Decreased Level CHF, Chronic renal failure
Na-Urine-Increased Level Addisons Disease
Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) decreased Level Aplastic anemia, Sickle cell anemia,Chronic Renal failure
Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) Increased Level Hypochromic anemia, acute blood loss anemia
Uric Acid Blood Decreased Level Burns
Uric Acid Blood Increased Level Acute renal failure, AMI, Leukemia
Urinalysis-Bile-Increased Level Calculus of the bile duct, acute hepatitis
Urinalysisi-Ketones/Acetones-Increased Level Ketoacidosis, Ketosis
Urinalysis-pH-Decreased Level Acidosis
Urinalysis-pH-Increased Level Chronic renal failure, UTI
Urinalysis-Protien(Albumin)Increased Level Acute renal disease, UTI, Toxemia of pregnancy
Urinalysis-Specific Gravity-Decreased Level Disease renal, acute
Urinalysis-Specific Gravity-Increased Level CHF
urinalysis-Urobilinogen-Increased Level Anemia
Urinalysis-Microscopic Exam-Cast Hyaline Increased Level CHF, ACute renal disease
Urinalysis-Microscopic Exam-WBC Increased Level Pyelonephritis, UTI
Urine culture-presence of pathogen UTI
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