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AP World Pt. 1

8000 b.c.e. - 600 c.e. Ancient and Classical Civilizations

Four River Valley Civilizations Mesopotamia, Yellow River Valley, Indus River Valley, and the Nile
Mesopotamia Area between Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Civilizations include; Sumer, Babylon, Persia, etc.
Indus River Valley 'Harrapan' Civilization Little known, disappeared by 1500 B.C.E. Two major cities; Harrapa and Mohenjo-Daro
Aryans in Indus River Valley ~1500 B.C.E. Brought belief in reincarnation, basis for caste system, etc.
Vedas and Upanishads Written by Aryans in the Indus River Valley, basis for Hinduism
Yellow River Valley Shang Dynasty Shang dynasty; ~1600-1000 B.C.E. Patriarcal with importance on extended family Believed ancestors could advocate for gods
Yellow River Valley Chou/Zhou Dynasty ~1000-250 B.C.E. Mandate of Heaven appears, feudalism arrives in China
The Nile Old, Middle, and New Egyptian Kingdoms Pharoahs, pyramids, small towns, and later dependence of trade.
Pharoah Egyptian god-king seen as embodiment or sun of a god
Bantu Migrations Around 2000-1000 B.C.E. series of migrations in Africa by Bantu people. Possible causes: population, development of Sahara, invaders, etc.
Classical Civilizations The Greeks Made up of many polis, or city-states, notably Athens and Sparta
Delian League League of Greek polis headed by Athens to unite against the Persians
Peloponesian Wars ~430-400 B.C.E. Sparta v. Athens Sparta won, but spared Athens out of respect for culture and part in defending from Persians
Sparta and Athens Athens became cultural hub, at one point as many as 1/3 were slaves Sparta was militarily powerful, harsh training, but women had more rights than in Athens
The Maya
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