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REL 122 Final

In Alma 32 the seed = ? The word
In Alma 32 what does the seed turn into? Fruit.
What must you do with the fruit? Eat continually
In Alma 32 what is the seed and fruit comparable to? A testimony.
Where is the mission to the Zoramites found? Alma 31-35
Who goes on the mission to the Zoramites? Alma the younger, and Amulek
What is wrong with the Zoramites? Their churches are corrupt.
Where do Alma and Amulek have success? Among the poor.
What does Alma teach about? In what book? In Alma 32 Alma teaches about faith.
What is Alma 34 about? The atonement being infinite and eternal.
Who teaches in Alma 34? Amulek.
What was the peoples belief about the atonement in Alma 34? That it didn't apply to them.
What is the actual teaching of the atonement? That it covers everything. Christ became guilty of all sins as he descended below all.
Where are the letters to Alma's sons found? Alma 36-42
Where are the letters from Alma to Helaman found? Alma 36-37
Where is the letter from Alma to Shiblon found? Alma 38
Where are the letters from Alma to Corianton found? Alma 39-42
What does Alma talk to Helaman about? His conversion story.
What does Alma's conversion story center on? Christ.
What form of writing is Alma's conversion written in? Chiasmus.
What is Alma 39 about? Sexual sin is an abomination.
What is Alma 40-42 about? Resurrection.
What does Alma say about resurrection in Alma 40-42? You will be the same person when you are resurrected.
Why did Alma teach Corianton about resurrection? To correct his behavior.
What does Elder Packer say about behavior? "True doctrine, understood, changes behavior better than a study of behavior changes behavior."
Where are the war chapters found in the Book of Mormon? Alma 43-63
Who is the lead character of the war chapters? Captain Moroni.
Who are the three people Captain Moroni fights against in the war chapters? Zarahemnah Amalikiah Ammaron
Where did Zarahemnah, Amalikiah, and Ammaron come from? They were all apostate Nephites.
Where is the title of Liberty found? Alma 46
Where is "if all men were like Moroni the powers of Hell would be shaken" found? Alma 48
What chapter covers the Lamanites attacks on the "weak" cities? Alma 49
What city do the Lamanites try to attack first? Ammonihah.
Why do the Lamanites try to attack Ammonihah first? It used to be the Nephites weakest city.
What city do the Lamanites try to attack second? Noah
Why did the Lamanites try to attack Ammonihah and Noah first? They used to be the weakest points of the Nephite cities.
What does the attacks of Ammonihah and Noah tell us about the devil? He will try to attack our weak points. We need to make our weaknesses our strengths.
Where is the account of the stripling warriors found? Alma 56-58
What did the stripling warriors do that made them so successful? They obeyed with exactness.
What did the stripling warriors care more about than their own lives? The liberty of their fathers.
Where are the letters from Pahoran and Moroni found? Alma 59-60
What is Pahoran a good example of? Being humble. He didn't attack back.
What is the book of Helaman all about? The pride cycle.
What starts Helaman 1? There is a family contention.
What is the family contention in Helaman one an example of? Satan using contention to distract from the real problem.
Who attacks which city in Helaman 1? The Lamanites attack Zarahemla.
Who else beings to work evil on the Nephites in Helaman 1? Gaddianton and his robbers.
What does Mormon say about Gaddianton? That he will eventually cause the destruction of the entire Nephite civilization.
Who is teaching in Helaman 5 and who is he teaching? Helaman son of Helaman is teaching is sons Nephi and Lehi.
What is Helaman's advice to Nephi and Lehi? If you always remember Christ you will alwys have his spirit.
How does Helaman's advice help Nephi and Lehi? When they are in jail and are about to be executed they remember Christ and the Spirit dispels the darkness.
How many people are converted in the jail with Nephi and Lehi? 300
How many people do Nephi and Lehi baptize during their mission? 8,000
How is the spirit described in Helaman 5? "they heard this voice, and beheld that it was not a voice of thunder, neither was it a voice of a great tumultuous noise, but behold, it was a still voice of perfect mildness, as if it had been a whisper, and it did pierce even to the very soul—"
What is in Helaman 6 - 11 Nephi is on the tower and is very sad about the times he lives in. He predicts the murder of the chief judge.
What is in Helaman 12? Mormon stops and talks about how frustrated he is with the pride cycle.
Where is the account of Samuel the Lamanite found? Helaman 13-15
What does Samuel the Lamanite talk about in Helaman 13? You need to repent. you love money. You seek for happiness in iniquity.
Where are the prophecies of Christ's birth and death found? Helaman 14
What are the prophecies of Christ's birth? Day and a night and a day without darkness. A new star.
What are the signs of Christ's death? Three days of darkness.
What happens in 3 Nephi 1? The five years have passed and the people have set apart a day to execute the believers if the signs of Christ's birth do not occur.
How are the people saved in 3 Nephi 1? The day comes that has been set apart to execute. The night isn't dark and the people are saved.
Where does the switch from Nephi to Nephi son of Nephi occur? 3 Nephi 1
What book accounts for the people explaining away the sign of Christ's birth? 3 Nephi 3
Who starts to take over in 3 Nephi 3? The Gaddianton robbers.
Who writes a letter to who in 3 Nephi 3? Gidgiddonhi writes to Lachoneus.
What does Gidgiddonhi say to Lachoneus? Join us. It's almost as if you're supported by a God.
What does Pres. Benson say about enemies in the Book of Mormon? "The Book of Mormon exposes the enemies of Christ."
How many years pass between 3 Nephi 3 and 3 Nephi 8? At least 33 years.
What book contains the account of the Savior appearing to the Nephites? 3 Nephi 11
What is the first thing the Savior says? "I have done the will of my father."
What is the first thing the Savior teaches? Baptism.
What does the Savior teach on the first day? Baptism Contention is of the devil Resurrection
How does the Savior teach resurrection? He lets the people feel his wounds.
How many people are there when Christ comes? 2,500
What does the Savior say that makes the people sad. What book? In 3 Nephi 17 he says he needs to go visit the other lost tribes of Israel.
What does the Savior do in 3 Nephi 17? He heals the sick and blesses the children.
What chapter does the sacrament occur in on the first day? 3 Nephi 18
What does the Savior say about the sacrament? It will allow the people to have the same spirit they felt with him all the time.
What chapters contain the first visit of Christ? 3 Nephi 11 -18
What chapters contain the second visit of Christ? 3 Nephi 19-26
What chapter contains the commandment to search Isiah? 3 Nephi 23
What does Isiah talk about? The gathering and scattering of Israel.
What does the Savior do on the second day? Goes and prays Gives the sacrament again Talks about the gathering and scattering of Israel Asks about Samuel the Lamanite
What does Christ going and praying symbolize? The garden of gethsemane.
Why does the Savior say he scattered Israel? In order to save it.
When did the scattering of Israel begin? 587, 600, 722 B.C.
When did the gathering of Israel begin? April 22, 1830 with Joseph Smith
What does Elder Bednar say about the reason we are here on earth today? "We were foreordained to fulfill the Abrahamic covenant."
What chapter contains the 3rd recorded visit of Christ? 3 Nephi 27
What dispute is occurring in 3 Nephi 27? They are arguing over the name of the church.
What does Christ say about the dispute over the name of the church? Name it after me. It doesn't matter what the name is. I want to you be like me.
What book covers the longest period of time? 4 Nephi
How much time does 4 Nephi cover? 300 years in 4 pages
What happens in 4 Nephi? The people go from amazing to the worst possible people.
Who abridged the Book of Mormon? Mormon
Where does Mormon tell his own story? In the book of Mormon.
How old was Mormon when he took over the Nephite army? 16 years old.
What does Mormon say about the Nephites? Even though they are sad they aren't repentant.
What chapter contains the death of Mormon? Mormon 8
Who takes over in Mormon 8 Moroni, Mormon's son.
"I have no friends or wither to go." Moroni, Mormon 8
"You are wicked, love money, adorn with that which have no life." Moroni, Mormon 8
"Poor pass by and ye notice them not." Moroni, Mormon 8
"Pollutions, hypocrites, teachers!" Moroni, Mormon 8
Who abridged the book of Ether? Moroni
Who translated the book of Ether? King Mosiah
Who wrote the book of Ether? Ether
Who found the record of Ether? The people of Limhi
What bible story begins the book of Ether? The tower of babel
What chapter contains the tower of babel and the brother of Jared? Ether 2
What do the people do in Ether 2? They go 1/2 way and stop. God chastens the brother of Jared.
What happens in Ether 3? There is no light to light the barges.
"Suffer that we cross great water in darkness?" Brother of Jared, Ether 3
"What would ye have me do?" God, Ether 3
What is the light problem and God's response and example of? God wants us to use our brains to solve our problems.
"Touch these, can light them up." Brother of Jared, Ether 3
What does Elder Holland say about the Brother of Jared seeing God's finger? "Average people can have extraordinary experiences."
What chapter contains the account of the people being swallowed up in the depths of the ocean? Ether 6
What does the length and difficulty of the Jaredites journey represent? It may be hard, but our trials are moving us somewhere.
They thank the Lord for "tender mercies" Ether 6
What does Elder Bednar say about tender mercies. "They are personal individual blessings of the Lord."
What happens in Ether 12? Moroni teaches on Faith.
"It's an action, ye receive no witness until the trial of your faith." Moroni, Ether 12
"Faith makes weak things become strong." Moroni, Ether 12
Who is the last Jaredite alive? Coriantumr
Where does Coriantumr die? In Zarahemla with the Mulekites.
Who is the second to last Jaredite left alive? Ether
Who is the third to last Jaredite left alive? Shiz
"Charity is the pure love of Christ" Mormon, Moroni 7
What is Moroni 7? A sermon from Mormon
What is Moroni 8 and 9? Letters from Mormon to Moroni
What year does the Book of Mormon end? 421 A.D.
What year are the plates taken from the ground? 1827
How long were the plates in the ground? 1400 years
Who is the first chief judge? Alma the younger
Who's conversion story is found in Alma 36? Alma the younger
Who goes on a mission to the Zoramites with Alma? Amulek
Give order of descendants from Alama to Nephi Alma the Younger Helaman Helaman son of Helaman Nephi Nephi son of Nephi
What does Helaman son of Helaman teach? "Remember!"
"Rock, devil sends forth winds, no power to bring down because of the rock. Sure foundation, cannot fall." Helaman son of Helaman, Helaman 5
Baptized 8,000 went to jail Spared from execution converted 300 Prophecies death of chief judge Nephi
Prophesied of the birth and death of Christ. Samuel the Lamanite
"word unto a seed" Alma the younger, Alma 32
"feast on fruit until filled." Alma the younger, Alma 32
"infinite and eternal." Amulek, Alma 34
"Satisfies the demands of justice." Amulek, Alma 34
"every sin must be paid for." Amulek, Alma 34
"supported in trials and troubles" Alma, Alma 36
"I remembered my father." Alma, Alma 36
"my min, o Jesus, have mercy" Alma, Alma 36
"know ye not my son, abomination in the sight of the Lord." Alma to Corianton in Alma 39
"Took a pole, rent his coat" Captain Moroni, Alma 46
"In memory of God, freedom." Captain Moroni, Alma 46
"if all men had been like unto Moroni, the devil would have no power over men." Mormon, Alma 48
"Lamanites supposed it had been weak." Mormon, Alma 49
"Astonishment that it had been fortified." Mormon, Alma 49
"we did not doubt our mothers knew it." Stripling warriors, Alma 56
"exceedingly valient." Alma 56
"true at all times." Alma 56
"obeyed with exactness." Alma 56
"had not supposed Lamanites would come to the heart, Zarahemla." Helaman 1
"remember, rock." Helaman 5
"spirit, not a voice of thunder, still small voice, had been a whisper, pierced to the very soul." Helaman 5
"There will be a day and a night and a day without darkness." Helaman 14
"Children of men are quick to do iniquity, slow to remember God." Helaman 12
"At the very moment they prosper they forget and then tremble at wrath of God." Helaman 12
"There will be a new star." Helaman 14
"Earthquakes, tumultuous upheavals of nature." Halaman 14
"Time has passed." 3 Nephi 1
"Day set apart to put to death." 3 Nephi 1
"Going down of sun, no darkness." 3 Nephi 1
"Most noble Lachoneus." 3 Nephi 3
"Almost as if you are supported by a God." 3 Nephi 3
"Give up your lands and join us." 3 Nephi 3
"Felt vapor of darkness." 3 Nephi 8
"No fire lit with exceedingly dry wood." 3 Nephi 8
"Behold I am Christ, I suffered the will of my father." 3 Nephi 11
"Contention is of the devil." 3 Nephi 11
"On this wise baptize." 3 Nephi 11
"Feel prints that ye may know." 3 Nephi 11
"I must go show Israel." 3 Nephi 17
"I see faith is sufficient to heal." 3 Nephi 17
"Have ye any sick, maimed?" 3 Nephi 17
"Children come forth." 3 Nephi 17
"Angles came down and ministered." 3 Nephi 17
"break, this ye shall do, that always have spirit." 3 Nephi 18
"commandments search the words of isiah. Suresly hous of Israel." 3 Nephi 23
"Did not my servant." 3 Nephi 23
"Have not written." 3 Nephi 23
"How is it that ye dispute over this?" 3 Nephi 27
"call after me." 3 Nephi 27
"Be even as I am." 3 Nephi 27
"For ye do love money, adorning of churches more that the poor and the needy." Mormon 8
"ashamed to take on the name of Christ." Mormon 8
"Notice them not." Mormon 8
"Space of 3 hours the Lord did talk with the brother of Jared." Ether 2
"Lord how will we light them?" Ether 3
"behold these things I have molten." Ether 3
"though canst do this." Ether 3
"Sawest thou more?" Ether 3
"Nay, show thyself." Ether 3
"thank Lord for tender mercies." Ether 6
"Swallowed up in the depths, buried in the deep." Ether 6
"Wind blew them to the promise land." Ether 6
"you recieve no witness until after the trial of your faith." Ether 12
"Weakness to humble and make strong." Ether 12
"By faith that miracles are brought about." Ether 12
"Charity pure love of Christ, found well with him." Moroni 7
"Exhort you that ask God." Moroni 10
"remember how merciful, from Adam." Moroni 10
"Manifest by power of the Holy Ghost, know the truth of all things." Moroni 10
"Lord is everlasting, merciful, and kind." Isiah quote in 3 Nephi 22
What is the atonement like? An adulterous wife, Christ will take us back. 3 Nephi 22
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