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6th Grade Rome

Rome is a city in this country Italy
What mountain range separates Italy from the rest of Europe? Alps
The upper class in Rome Patricians
The meeting place in Rome, also used as a marketplace Forum
A leader killed by a group of senators. HIs enemies feared he wanted to be KIng. Caesar
Octavian changed his name to this: Augustus
This famous landmark was once a place people gathered to watch fierce battles and fights Colosseum
These were built to move water into towns aqueducts
Gladiators were usually from this social class: slaves
The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius buried this city Pompeii
The Pantheon has this architecture form that is common in capitol buildings in the United States dome
Rome's lower class of citizens Plebians
This month on our calendaris names after Rome's first emperor July
This landmark was built as a temple for the Roman gods and goddesses Pantheon
People who are chosen to speak on your behalf representatives
The eastern portion of the empire that remained after the west fell Byzantine
A system of government where citizens choose their leaders Republic
The "Golden Age" of Rome Pax Romana
Rome's first set of written laws Twelve Tables
Antony fell in love with this Egyptian leader Cleopatra
This emperor allowed Christians to worship freely Constantine
Rome fought Carthage in wars called: The Punic Wars
artisans, shopkeepers and owners of small farms belonged to this social class plebians
This landmark is where the gladiators fought Colosseum
rich landowners in Ancient Rome patricians
This social class held the power in Rome patricians
a style of art using pieces of glass or tile mosaic
the Romans invented this using volcanic ash cement
a leader with complete control over all of the government dictator
This former dictator of Rome was admired by George Washington for not abusing power Cincinnatus
These were produced in abundance in Italy wine and olive oil
These wars allowed Rome to control all land around the Mediterranean Sea Punic Wars
The power to reject came from Rome. Presidents have this power in the U.S. veto
This wall was built in Britain to keep out invaders Hadrian's Wall
a system of money currency
People began to do this when Rome made coins with less gold barter
Rapidly increasing prices inflation
Rome's military was divided into smaller groups legions
the study of the human body anatomy
This language was common in Rome Latin
the father of the family was called this paterfamilias
public speaking rhetoric
Most people in Rome were: poor
a disease that spreads widely and causes many deaths plague
This emperor moved the capital from Rome to the eastern part of the Empire Constantine
This city became the trade center for Europe and Asia Constantinople
This empress helped bring more rights to women Theodora
This Roman church was built as the religious center of the Byzantine Empire. It still stands today. Hagia Sophia
This Roman gladiator led a slave revolt Spartacus
triumvirate a political alliance of three people
the top officials of the Roman Republic consuls
Two brothers who worked for reform in the early republic. Both were killed. Tiberius and Gaius
Julius Caesar was seen as a _________ to Rome's LOWER class hero
This musical emperor is said to have "fiddled while Rome burned" Nero
According to traditional legend, who founded the city of Rome? Romulus and Remus
Octavian changed his name to: Augustus
Work that pokes fun at human weakness satire
poem that expresses strong emotions about life ode
change reform
In the Byzantine empire, this group were in the majority Greeks
Eggs of this animal were smuggled into the Byzantine empire and helped make it rich silk worm
How long did the Byzantine empire last? 1000 years
This emperor wanted to reunite the west and eastern part of the empire once more Justinian
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