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C10 Roman Republic

Chapter 10 The Roman Republic

In geographic terms, Italy is a peninsula
Groups of 6,000 soldiers legions
The two mountain ranges in Italy are the Apennines and the Alps
This means to consist of three parts tripartite
The two most powerful leaders in Rome consuls
True or False / The Etruscans created Rome's government false
Rome’s founders descended from the Trojan hero Aeneas
Why did the Roman nobles overthrow their last king he was cruel
Rome's common people plebeians
Rulers with almost absolute power (Cincinnatus) dictators
To keep one part of the government from becoming too strong checks and balances
A government in which people elect their leaders Republic
He led thousands of slaves in revolt against Rome Spartacus
The center of life in Rome was the the Forum
Because Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus tried to help the __________ they were killed by the wealthy landowners poor
He won a CIVIL WAR against Marius and then named HIMSELF dictator Sulla
Noble, powerful citizens of Rome patricians
Tiberius Gracchus wanted to create _______ for the poor farms
A power held by the tribunes which means "I forbid" in Latin veto
According to legend, Romulus and Remus were thrown into the _________________ before being rescued by a wolf Tiber River
The Roman trade network grew because Rome could not grow enough __________ to feed their people so they had to import it from other places food
Hannibal used ______________ in his attacks to intimidate his opponents elephants
True or False / The land of Italy is very flat false
Aeneas united with the ____________ and married the king's daughter Latins
True or False / Romans admired (and copied) much of the Greek culture true
The part of Rome’s government that protected the plebeians Assemblies & Tribunes
Rome fought the Punic Wars against Carthage
They held office for LIFE Senate
They took control of the city’s finances and became more powerful Senate
Aeneas came to Rome from Troy
Rome’s LAST three kings were Etruscan
The ____________ elected their own officials forcing the patricians to let them take part in the government plebeians
They were both written to protect people’s rights the Twelve Tables
Created by: Ms.Pendleton