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Mid-Term Ch 2&3


Sole Proprietorship An Individual
Patnership Two or more physician's in the office
Corperation Having legal and business status that is independent of its shareholders and employees
Parametic Trained to provide emergency care to patients in life threatening situations
Versatile Embracing a variety of subjects, fields or skills
Beneifts Services or payments provibed under health plan, Employee plan, or other arrangement
Perks Extra advantages or benifits form working in a specific job that may or may not be commonplace in that perticular profession
Invacive Involving to the living body as by insision or insretion of an instrument
Intangibles Qualities that are incapabl of being percived
Allied Health Fields Occupational diciplines in which professionals involved with the delivery of healthcare or related services assist physicians with te diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients in many different specislty areas
Created by: GNH112591