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Chapter 13 - Renaiss

6th Grade Social Studies Chapter 13

Who was the inventor of the telescope? Galileo Galilei
What movement gave rise to the Protestant churches? reformation
Who controlled many trade routes to Asia and Constantinople? Ottoman Turks
What monarch made England a sea power by supporting pirates? Elizabeth I
Who was the mathematician who showed that the Earth revolves around the Sun? Nicolas Copernicus
Who invented movable type and thus made books more affordable? Johannes Gutenberg
Who wrote many plays and poems that we still study today? He was also sponsored by Elizabeth I. William Shakespeare
Who was the first Spanish explorer to sail around the world? Ferdinand Magellan
Who was the Portuguese explorer to sail around the Cape of Good Hope, Africa? Vasco da Gama
Who was the American continent named for? This man who was a map maker. Amerigo Vespucci
Who was the English explorer who sailed along the northeast coast of North America? John Cabot
Who was a great Renaissance artist, inventor, scientist, philosopher, and writer? Leonardo da Vinci
Who is the explorer who first landed on the island of San Salvador in the Caribbean Sea? Christopher Columbus
Who wrote a book explaining how gravity holds things to Earth? Isaac Newton
What is the general name given to churches that were formed as a result of protests against the Roman Catholic Churh? Protestant
Where did many of the ideas of the Renaissance come from? Greeks and Romans
Who made the statue of David, designed the dome of St. Peter's in Rome, and painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo
What was the reason for Martin Luther beginning his protests against the Roman Catholic Church? Pope Leo X's sale of indulgences
What is the type of technology the Spanish used to try to defeat the English in the war over trade? armada
Name the plan of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand to unite their kingdoms and drive out the Moors? Reconquista
Instead of focusing on God and faith, the Renaissance thinkers focused on what? individualism
Who united England by marrying the niece of his enemy, seizing power from other nobles, and getting the middle class to help him? King Henry VII
What two European countries led the exploration across the Atlantic Ocean? Spain & Portugal
What name is given to the people who made the Renaissance possible by giving money to help artists and thinkers? patrons
Martin Luther posted these complaints against the church, what are they called? 95 Theses
Pope Leo X sold these to pay for the building of St. Peter's Church and promised people forgiveness of sins current and future, what were they called? indulgences
What is the name given to this era of thought, learning, art, and science that began in Italy and marked the end of the Middle Ages? Renaissance
Who was the pope who caused many problems in the Catholic Church because he was a patron of the art and he sold indulgences to pay for this? Pope Leo X
Created by: MrsRobertson