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Judaism ICUL211

Imortant Terms

Bar(Bat) Mitzvah "Son(daughter) of the commandments" Ceremonial rite of passage in Jewish culture.
Sabbath Day of rest held on Saturday. A day for prayer and public assembly.
Torah Specifically the first five books of the Bible but also used generally to denote the entire Hebrew Bible or religious law.
Berith "Covenant" Agreement or contract with God.
Diaspora "Sowing of the Seed" People living outside the ancient land of Israel.
Sadducees Jewish aristocracy and priestly party that embraced Hellenization, read laws literally, and denied life after death.
Pharisees Most popular Jewish sect representing the middle class. Interpreted scripture broadly but still legalistic.
Essenes Supposed authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Rigorously observant priests who left Jerusalem to prepare for the apocalypse.
Zealots Jewish political revolutionaries who rejected Roman authority sometimes forcefully.
Sheol An underground pit or place of weakness and estrangement from God, where one goes after death.
Messiah "Anointed one" Ideal king expected to arrive in the future, leading Israel to victory.
Rabbi "Great one" or "leader" A teacher or expert at interpreting Torah. In modern times also a spiritual leader.
Mishnah Hebrew summary of the oral law arranged by topic, inherited from Pharisaism but attributed to Moses. Authority parallels the written Torah
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