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block 2 drugs

Stack #60629

amphetamine inhibits NE release
amphetamine Tx. ADHD
metryosine inhibits NE synthesis
metryosine Tx. pheocromacytoma
reserpine inhibits NE packaging
reserpine Tx. hypertension
desipramine inhibits NE reuptake
desipramine Tx. depression
tolcapone inhibits NE metabolism
tolcapone Tx. Parkinson's
isocarboxazid inhibits NE metabolism
isocarboxazid Tx. depression
milrinone phospodiesterase inhibitor
milrinone Tx. heart failure
milrinone MOA- increase cAMP
isoproterenol B1 and B2 agonist
isoproterenol MOA- increase cAMP (increase HR and contractility)
isoproterenol Tx. heart failure, asthma, emphysema
verapamil Ca channel blocker (phenylalkylamine)
verapamil MOA- decrease Ca influx into smooth muscle=vasodilation
verapamil Tx. hypertension
levosimendan Ca sensitizer
levosimendan MOA- increase sensitivity of cardiac troponin to Ca = vasodilation
levosimendan Tx. heart failure
digoxin Cardiac glycoside
digoxin Tx. heart failure
digoxin MOA- inhibit Na/K ATPase; decrease Ca efflux= increased contractility and force
diltiazem Ca channel blocker (benothiazepine)
diltiazem MOA- decrease Ca influx into sm. muscle= vasodilation
diltiazem Tx. hypertension
dopamine dopamine agonist
dopamine dose dependent b/c precursor for NE (vasoconstriction)
dopamine Tx. heart failure
terbutaline B2 agonist
terbutaline Tx. asthma, emphysema
terbutaline MOA- increase cAMP, P phospholamban, increase SERCA, increase Ca resequestration by SR= faster relaxation
dobutamine B1 agonist
dobutamine Tx. heart failure
dobutamine MOA- increased cAMP and activation of Ca channels
hydrochlorothiazide diuretic (thiazide)
hydrochlorothiazide Tx. hypertension, edema, renal failure, CHF
hydrochlorothiazide increase Na excretion
spironolactone diuretic (K sparing)
spironolactone increase renal excretion of Na
spironolactone Tx. hypertension, CHF, edema, renal failure
nifedipine Ca channel blocker (dihydropyridine)
nifedipine block Ca influx= decrease contraction
nifedipine Tx. hypertension, vasospastic angina, arrhythmias
losartan ARB
losartan blocks angiotensin II receptor
losartan Tx. hypertension, CHF
captopril ACE inhibitor
captopril Tx. hypertension, CHF, MI
captopril inhibits angiotensin converting enzyme
captopril side effect- bradykinin=cough
furosemide diuretic (loop)
furosemide MOA-increase renal excretion of Na= decrease plasma V and VR
furosemide Tx. hypertension, CHF, edema, renal failure
nitroglycerine NO pro-drug (vasodilator)
nitroglycerine MOA- increase NO production=relaxation
nitroglycerine Tx. angina, CHF, MI
acetazdamide diuretic (carbonic anhydrase inhibitor)
acetazdamide Tx. hypertension, CHF, edema, renal failure
acetazdamide MOA- increase renal excretion of Na (can cause Acid-base disorder)
atropine anticholinergic - muscarinic antagonist
atropine decrease airway secretion
tolterodine anticholinergic - muiscarinic antagonist
tolterodine Tx. overactive bladder
pilocarpine cholinomimetics- muscarinic agoinst
pilocarpine Tx. ocular hypertension, open and closed glaucoma
demecarium cholinergics-indirect agonist
demecarium inhibits acetylcholinesterase
demecarium myasthenia gravis, open angle glaucoma
ambenonium cholinergics-indirect agonist
ambenonium inhibits acetylcholinesterase
ambenonium myasthenia gravis, open angle glaucoma
pindolol non cardioselective B antagonist with ISA
pindolol Tx. hypertension
metoprolol B1 antagonist w/o ISA
metoprolol Tx. hypertension
penbutolol non cardioselective B antagonist with ISA
penbutolol Tx. hypertension
carteolol noncardioselective b antagonist with ISA
cateolol Tx. hypertension
prazosin a1 antagonist = vasodilator
prazosin Tx. hypertension
labetolol non cardioselective b blocker w/o ISA
labetolol Tx. hypertension
pancuronium ganglionic blocker- nicotinic antagonist
pancuronium Tx. hypertensive crisis with dissecting aortic aneurisum
nadolol noncardioselective b blocker w/o ISA
nadolol Tx. hypertension
clonidine a2 agonist (sympatholytics =decrease sympathic acitivity at vasomotor center)
clonidine Tx. hypertension
propranolol noncardioselective b blocker w/o ISA
propranolol Tx. hypertension
carvedilol noncardioselective b blocker w/o ISA (a1 antagonist)
carvedilol Tx. hypertension
phenylephrine a1 agonist (vasoconstrictor)
phenylephrine Tx. hypotension, nasal congestion
norepinephrine/noradrenaline a1 agonist = vasoconstrictor
NE Tx. hypotension
yohimbine a2 antagonist
yohimbine Tx. ED
acebutolol cardioselective b blocker with ISA
acebutolol Tx. hypertension
mecamylamine ganglionic blocker
mecamylamine Tx. hypertensive crisis
atenolol cardioselective b blocker w/o ISA
atenolol Tx. hypertension
ipratropium bromide atrovent
ipratropium bromide anticholinergic- muscarinic antagonist
ipratropium bromide MOA- relax airway sm. muscle (se=increase mucus viscosity)
theophylline theo-dur
theophylline phosphodiesterase inhibitor
theophylline MOA- prevent cAMP breakdown= relax sm. muscle
montelukast singulair
montelukast leukotriene antagonist
albuterol proventil, ventolin
albuterol b2 agonist
albuterol MOA- relax airway sm. muscle
beclomethasone beclovent
beclomethasone inhaled corticosteroid
beclomethasone prevent inflammation
fluticasone flovent
fluticasone inhaled corticosteroid
fluticasone prevent inflammation
prednisone systemic corticosteroid
prednisone prevent inflammation
zafirlukast accolate
zafirlukast leukotriene antagonist
salmeterol serevent
salmeterol b2 agonist
sameterol MOA- relax sm. muslce
cromolyn sodium intal
cromolyn sodium mediator inhibitor
atropine MOA- bronchodilator
cromolyn sodium MOA- prevents mast cell degranulation (histamine release)
Created by: mmmiller