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WK11 PHleb sht answe

Week eleven phlebotomy short answer

Fluid from the lungs that often contains pus Sputum
Fluid from the the lung cavity Pleural fluid
Joint fluid Synovial fluid
Fluid from the heart cavity Pericardial fluid
Fluid from the membranes that hold a developing embryo and fetus Amniotic fluid
Analytic testing procedure to determine the amount of urea in the blood (BUN)Blood,urea,nitrogen
Fluid that surrounds the brain and meninges within the spinal column Cerebrospinal fluid
Urine specimen should actually be collected in a sterile container. Urine should be voided and the specimen should be collected during the mid portion of urination. Clean catch midstream
Used in the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis Sweat chloride test
Analytic procedure to determine whether or not the kidneys are able to remove creatinine from the blood Creatinine clearance test
Fluid from the abdominal cavity Peritoneal fluid
Involves passing a tube through the nose and into the stomach Gastric analysis
Hidden blood in the stool Occult blood
Created by: blood guy