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WK11 phl multi choic

Week eleven phlebotomy multiple choice

For the O&P (Fecal) analysis, the O and P stand for? Ova and Parasites
Fluid composed of products formed in various male reproductive organs is referred to as? Seminal fluid
Peritoneal fluid is located? In the abdomen
Which types of urine are considered the "cleanest" or least contaminated? Midstream specimens
Nasopharyngeal specimen's are usually collected to detect which organisms? Streptococcus pyongenes
A 24-hour urine specimen is usually collected to test for? Hormones
The Hollander test is used to? Determine gastric function
Synovial fluid is extracted from which area of the body? Joint cavities
The sweat chloride test is used sometimes in the diagnosis of? Cystic Fibrosis
Creatinine clearance is determined through the use of? Urine specimen
What is the fluid that surrounds the fetus? Amniotic fluid
Skin test are used to determine whether a patient has ever had contact with? A particular antibody and has produced antigens to that anti-body (titers)
What laboratory procedure is associated with the urinary system and kidney function? B.U.N.
For a 24-hour urine specimen, the collection: Begins with the patient emptying their bladder and discarding the first urine passed between 6-8 AM and continues with the collection of all other urine during the next 24 hours
Which fluids are used to investigate the possibility of a sexual criminal charge? Seminal fluid
Pericardial fluid is collected from? The sac around the heart
A urine C&S should be performed on a? Clean catch midstream sample
What is the first detectable analyte produced during pregnancy? HCG
Nasopharyngeal culture collections may be used to diagnose? Whooping cough
Amniotic Fluid can be found? Around the fetus in the uterus
Created by: blood guy