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WK10 phleb multi

Week ten phlebotomy multi choice

The proper technique to ensure hemostasis after phlebotomy on a neonate is to? Apply pressure with a sterile gauze pad until all bleeding stops
Which of the following rules should be followed when a phlebotomist collects blood from a child? Consult the laboratory for the maximum amount of blood that can be drawn on the basis of the child's weight
The optimal depth of a finger stick on a child is? Less than 2.0 mm
What are the disadvantages of using EMLA? 1)The cost 2)The anesthesia can take 60 minutes to take affect
What angle should the needle be for a scalp vein venipuncture on an infant be? 15 degrees
The best location for performing venipuncture on a child the is hospitalized is? In a treatment room
When blood must be drawn from the central venous line, the following is true 1) Blood can be drawn directly from the central line or catheter 2)When completing the procedure, aspirate with a syringe to clear the stopcock of any air bubbles
The dorsal hand vein technique for infants includes which steps? Blood is collected directly from the hub of the needle
EMLA is sometimes used for pediatric venipuncture procedures. EMLA is? A topical anesthetic applied to the child's arm before venipuncture
This is NOT a complication of squeezing or milking the heel of an infant Increased blood flow
When the dorsal hand technique is used, the appropriate method to distend the vein is use of what? The phlebotomist forefinger and middle finger to encircle the infants wrist
Complications resulting from multiple deep skin punctures on an infant's heel include? Osteomyelitis
Which is needed for blood collection by skin puncture on an infant Puncture resistant sharps container
Which factors influence selection of the venipuncture site on a child? 1)If an IV is infusing, used the veins distal to the IV 2)Veins used for IV therapy should not be used for venipuncture 3)Avoid a limb if there is obvious swelling or infection
A commonly inherited disease that is detected through a blood screening precess in neonates is? Phenylketonuria (PKU)
What gauge needle is required for scalp vein venipuncture on an infant? 23 gauge
After a dorsal hand vein blood collection, pressure should be applied over the site with dry gauze for how long? 2-3 minutes
When the phlebotomist must obtain blood for neonatal screening, the proper technique involves which of the following? 1)The blood drop on the heel is applied directly on the circle on the card 2)Screening should be done when the child is 72 hours old
A 10ml blood sample taken form a premature or newborn infant is equivalent of what percent of the child's total blood volume? 5-10%
When a skin puncture is performed on on an infant or child, which specimens are collected first? Hematology
Created by: blood guy