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WK10 phle 1or more

Week ten phlebotomy pediatric procedures one or more answers

Which rules should be followed when collecting blood from a child? Consult the laboratory policy for the maximum amount of blood that can be drawn on the basis of the child's weight
Which factors influence selection of the venipuncture site in a child? 1)Veins used for IV therapy should not be used for phlebotomy 2)If an IV is infusing, use veins distal to the IV 3)Avoid a limb if there is obvious swelling or infection
The disadvantages of using a topical antiseptic are? 1)That it takes 60 min to take affect 2)That it very costly
The following is NOT a complication of milking or squeezing the heel of an infant Increased blood flow
Where is the best location to draw blood on a child that is hospitalized? In a treatment room
What guidelines should be followed if a child is in isolation? 1)Follow all safety and isolation precautions to ensure your safety as well as the child's 2)Wear all the proper isolation equipment written on the sign on the door before entering the room
Where can the phlebotomist use a butterfly needle on a young patient? 1)The veins of the hand 2)The anticubital
What is the best way to prepare the child and parent(s) for a venipuncture, heel or finger stick? 1)Introduce your self to the patient and or parent 2)Establish eye contact and show that you are concerned about the child's health and comfort
If a patient asks if the procedure will hurt, what is the proper response? Be honest and tell them it will pinch
Created by: blood guy