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Swiss Reformation A

Important Personalities

Huldreich Zwingli A leader of the Swiss-German reformation in Zürich.
Conrad Grebel A leader of the Swiss Brethren at Zürich.
Felix Manz A leader of the Swiss Brethren at Zürich.
Jakob Hutter Leader of Anabaptist communes in Moravia who eventually became known as the Hutterites.
Menno Simons Former priest turned Anabaptist religious leader. Preached absolute pacifism. His name eventually came to stand for all who followed his preaching.
John Calvin A leader of the Swiss-French reformation in Geneva. Father of the Reformed or Calvinistic tradition.
Heinrich Bullinger Took over as chief minister in Zürich after Zwingli's death. Expanded Zwingli's theology of Covenant and unified Calvinists with Zwinglians.
William Farel Reformer in Geneva who convinced Calvin to stay there to help establish the reformation.
Martin Bucer Influential reformer in the Reformed tradition and to a small extent the Anglican. Sought to unite Swiss and German reformers.
Bernard Samson Franciscan indulgence seller. Zwingli's Swiss counterpart to Tetzel.
Anna Reinhart Zwingli's wife.
George Blaurock Married former priest and first Anabaptist dissenter baptized by Conrad Grebel.
Wolfgang Uliman
Anna Adlischweiler
Lady Jane Grey Protestant grandniece of Henry VIII.
Elector Fredrick III
Pierre Robert Olivetan
Nicholas Cop
Louis du Tillet
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