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Medical Imaging

Allied health II

Creates images by x-rays, magnetic fields, sonar, and radioactivity which allow the doctor to diagnose the clients disease or injury. Diagnostic radiologist
Deals with the use of radiation in the treatment of cancer. Radiation oncologist
Imaging process used to guide the catheter through the artery into the heart and then into coronary artery which is projected onto a fluorescent screen Fluoroscopy
Daily doses of cobalt 60 for several weeks External beam therapy
Three job responsibilities of the radiologic technologist Transport patients, explain procedures, assist the radiologist during procedures
Noninvasive procedures deal with bones
Procedures done by nuclear medicine technologists Gallium scan, Radioactive iodine uptake, gastroesophageal reflux scan
Obtains transverse cross sectional anatomical images of the body, can give size shape and location of a tumor or organ, and views in slices CT scan
Takes longitudinal images of the body and uses an electromagnetic field MRI
Safety for Radiation Use lead shielding aprons and gloves, wear a radiation monitor, cover reproductive organs at all times, and perform procedures correctly the first time
Extreme allergic reaction anaphylaxis
Clients must be assessed for what before administering contrast media? Food and medicine allergies
Uses radionuclide sources to treat tumors in the body. Brachytherapy
Example of brachytherapy radioactive seeds placed in prostate
Used to pass sound waves through the body which make echoes that convert into images transducer
invasive procedure that deals with the renal pelvis and ureter pyelogram
invasive procedure that deals with salivary ducts and glands sialogram
invasive procedure that deals with the bladder cystogram
What does the upper GI exam deal with? esophagus, stomach, duodenum
what does an echocardiogram show and test for? how your heart is beating and pumping blood and abnormalities in the heart muscle and valves
How is the echocardiogram performed? transducer records the sound wave echoes your heart produces
who performs an echocardiogram? sonographer
who reads an echocardiogram? physician
Produce images of breast tissue. Mammography
Bone densitometry test checks for osteoporosis
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