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chapter tests

chapters 1-14

early equipment used for bloodletting includes all the following except hemastat
a factor that contributes to the phlebotomist's professional image is a pleasant smile and postive attite, national certification, personal hygiene answer: all the above
the initials for the title granted after successful completion of the National credentialing agency phlebotomy examination are CLPlb
the principles of right and wron conduct as they apply to professional proplems are called ethics
the law that established national standards for the electronic exchange of protected health information is HIPAA
which of the following is a duty of a phlebotomist perform laboratory computer operations
which of the following is an example of proxemics eye contact, facial expressions, personal hygiene,zone of comfort answer:d
which of the following is proper telephone technique becareful of the tone of voice used and keep answers simple
an institution that provides inpatient servies is a hospital
state and federally funded insurance is called medicaid
the specialty that treats disorders of old age is called gerontology
the department int he hospital that records brain waves for diagnosis is electroneurodiagnostics
the microbiology department in the laboratory performs CBC
which of the following laboratory professionals is specified by CLIA88 as responsible for administration of a clinical area technical supervisor
____is the largest healthcare standards-setting body in the world JCAHO
the CLIA federal regulations are administer by CMS
____are set up to monitor all aspects of laboratory quality indicators
a QA program monitors outcomes
what book describes the necessary steps to follow in patient preparation colleciton manual
necessary elements of risk management are all the following except education, evaluation, indentification, obligation answer: d
informed consent means that patient agrees to a procedure after being told of the consequences associated with it
a national organization that develops guidelines and sets standards for laboratory procedures CLSI
the physician employer of a phlebotomist who injures a patient during a blood draw is sued for negligence. this is an example of respondeat superior
a yound adult comes to an outpatient lab to have his blood drawn. what should the phlebotomist know before drawing this patients blood? age of majority in the state, date of birth of the patient, and name of the patient
phlebotomists are involved in the joint commissions performance measurements in the area of myocardial infarction in what way? collecting specimans for timed tests for cardiac enzymes
a delta check refers to comparing current test results with previous ones
which one of the following is used as a monitor or quality indicator for the process of "test requesting" accuracy of ordering
failure to exercise "due care" is negligence
the statue of limitations timing can begin on any of the following except begins: first day of counseling with lawyer
situations that could cause a nosocomical infection a patient in ICU whose surgical wound becomes infected (health care aquired)
reverse isolation may be used for a patient with sever burns
the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection is proper hand antisepsis
the most frequently occurring lab-acquired infection is HBV infection
to destroy transient microorganisms when washing hands use antiseptic soap
in the event of a body fluid splash in the eyes, the victim should immediately flush eyes with water for MINIMUM of 15 minutes
which of the following are PPE nonlatex gloves
all the following examples of potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens involve a parenteral route of transmission except someone chewing gum while collecting blood specimen
specimen collection and processing are surfaces should be cleaned with 1:10 bleach solution
which of the following is a proper way to clean up a small blood spill that has dried on a counter top moisten the spill with a disinfectant before carefully absorbing it with a paper towel
distance, time, and shielding are principles of radiation safety
safe working conditions are mandated by OSHA
what is an anuclear, biconcave disk? erythrocyte
the chamber of the heart that receives blood from the systemic circulation is the right atruim
the thick muscle layer of the heart is called? myocardium endocardium=in epicardium=out pericardium=fluid thin sack
the ECG shows P waves due to atrial conctractions
when taking a blood pressure, the systolic pressure is the pressure reading when the first heart sounds are heard as the cuff is deflated
the purpose of the pulmonary system is to carry blood to and from the lungs
list the blood vessels in order of blood flow capillary, venule, vein
the internal space of a blood vessel is called lumen
the longest vein and largest artery in the body in that order are great saphenous and aorta
the perferred vein for venipuncture in the "H" pattern is medial cubital
the major difference between plasma and serum is that plasma contains fibringen, serum does not
an individual's blood type (A, B, AB, or O) is determined by the presence or absence of which of the following on the red blood cells Antigen
list correct sequence of events after blood vessel injury vasoconstriction, platelet aggregation, fibrin clot formation
lymph originates from tissue fluid
a heart disorder characterized by fluid buildup in the lungs is called congestive heart failure
which additive prevents glycolysis sodium fluoride
items used to perform routine venipuncture is evacuated tubes, safety needles, tournique
which of the tubes can be used to collect a serum specimen red top
a tournique is used in venipuncture to concentrate the specimen, keep the vein from collapsing, make a vein easier to find and enter
you are about to perform routine venipuncture on a patient with no known allergy to antiseptics. what substance would you use to clean the site 70% isoproply alcohol
needles that have a large diameter is what lower in number. ex 18 is larger than 23 gauge
what causes evacuted tubes to fill with blood automatically tube vacuum
lavender-top tubes are most commonly used to collect? hematology test
which tube is filled last in a recommended order of draw? lavender top
a butterfly is typically used for difficult and hand veins
NPO means nothing by mouth
which of the following is required requisition information ordering physicians name, patient's first and last name, type of test to be performed
the following test orders for different patients have been receivedat the same time. which test would you collect first? fasting glucose, STAT glucose for ER, STAT hemoglobin in ICU, ASAP CBC in ICU? answer: STAT Glucose for ER
a member of the clergy is with the patient when you arrive to collect a routine specimen, what should you do? come back later after the clergy member has gone unless it is STAT
you are asked to collect a specimen from an impatient. The patient is not wearing an ID band. What do you do? ask the patients nurse to put an ID band on the patient before you draw the specimen
if a patient adamantly refuses to have blood drawn, you should notify the patient's nurse or physican
an inpatient is eating when you arrive to collect a fasting glucose. what is the best thing to do? consult with the patient's nurse to see if the specimen should be collected
after cleaning the venipuncture site with alcohol, the phlebotomist should allow the alcohol to dry completely
the tourniquet should be released as soon as blood flow is established, before the needle is removed from the arm, and within 1 minute of application
why is a syringe sometimes used for venipunctures? a syringe is sometimes used for veins that collapse easily
after inserting a butterfly needle, the phlebotomist needs to "seat" it, meaning slightly thread the needle within the lumen of the vein
blood collection tubes are labeled immediately after the specimen collection
what is the best approach to use on an 8 year old child who needs to have blood drawn? explain what you are going to do in simple terms and ask the child to cooperate
which type of patients is most likely to have an arteriovenous fistula or graft dialysis
which of the following is proper procedure when dealing with an elderly patient make certain adequate pressure is held over the site until bleeding is stopped
peak levels of this analyte typically occur at about 0800 cortisol
which are most affected if the patient is not fasting glucose and triglycerides
veins that feel hard and cordlike when palpated may be thrombosed
tiny spots that appear on a patient's arm when the tourniquet is applied are a sign that the site may bleed excessively
when the arm of the patient is swollen with excess fluides, the condition is called edema
a patient has several short lengths of IV style tubing protuding from his chest, this most likely a CVC (center venous catheter)
what can most likely cause reflux during venipuncture? allowing the tube to fill from the stopper end first
if patient complains of extreme pain and does not subside even if you have two tubes filled and only need one more, what should you do? discontinue the draw and attempt collection at another site
what can result in hemoconcentration leaving the tournique on longer than a minute
in the process of collecting a specimen, you hear a hissing sound and there is a spurt of blood into the tube, the blood flow stops. What has most likely happend the tube has lost its vacuum
which of the following test requires an arterialized specimen CBG'S
skin puncture supplies include all of the following gauze pad, lancet, and povidone-iodine pad
skin puncture blood contains arterial blood, venous blood and interstitial fluids
concentration of this substance is higher in capillary blood than in venous blood glucose
skin puncture is typically performed on adults when patiens have throumbotic tendencies, there are no accessible veins, and veins need to be saved for other procedures
if collected by capillary puncture, which test specimen is collected first? CBC (ORDER OF DRAW- EDTA specimen, other additive specimens, serum specimen)
which of the following conditions disqualifies a site for capillary puncture? cyanotic, edematous, and swollen
the least hazardous area of an infant's foot for capillary puncture is the medial or lateral plantar surface of the heel
according to CLSI a heel puncture lancet should not puncture deep than 2.0 mm
which of the following is a proper skin puncture procedure wipe away the first drop of blood
when making a routine blood smear, the "pusher slide" is normally used at an angle of 30 degrees
the blood specimen for this test is placed in circles on special filter paper PKU
when drawing a blood alcohol specimen, it is acceptable to clean the arm with isopropyl alcohol
what is the most critical part of blood culture collection antisepsis of the collection site
TDM (therapeutic drug monitoring) peak concentration may be defined as the highest concentration of the drug during a dosing interval
when performing a glucose tolerance test, the fasting specimen is drawn at 0815 and the patient finishes the glucose beverage at 0820. when should the 1-hour specimen be collected 0920
a bleeding time test detects platelet function disorders
removing a unit of blood from a patient and not replacing it used as a treatment for polycythemia
what is a test that requires special chain-of-custody documentation when the specimen is collected drug screen
what type of specimen is needed for a guaiac test feces
what test must have 9:1 ratio of blood to anticoagulant in the collection tube protime
what specimen is collected in a trace-element-free tube (royal blue) aluminum, arsenic, copper, lead, iron, and zinc
common chemistry tests performed by POCT insturments include Na and K (sodium and potassium) are electrolytes
test that measures packed cell volume (pcv) Hct (hematocrit) volume of red blood cells in patients blood
additional information typically required on a nonblood speciman label includes speciman type
describe 24 hour urine collection discard the first morning speciman, start the timing and collect all urine for the next 24 hours collecting the first specimen voided the following morning
what nonblood specimen is most frequently analyzed in the lab urine
what fluids are associated with the lungs pleural
a procedure called iontophoresis is used in the collection of what specimen sweat
saliva specimens can be used to detect alcohol, drugs and hormones
a breath test can be used to detect organisms that cause peptic ulcers
serous fluids come from between membranes that line the ventral body cavities
peripherals on a computer include bar code reader, scanner, modem
logging on to most computer systems requires the use of password
after arriving in the laboratory, all specimens are immediately logged or accessioned
what all information does the lab-generated computer label contain accession number, department for testing, and labeling and supply inventory
what specimens should be protected by light bilirubin
the machine used to separate the serum or plasma from blood cells in the sample is called centrifuge
after obtaining a speciman for a cold agglutinin test, the blood must be transported at body temperature
what PPE is required when processing specimens a chin-length face shield, a fully closed fluid resistant lab coat, and disposable gloves
what blood specimens should be transported in an ice slurry homocysteine and rennin
perspiration contamination can falsely elevate chloride
according to CLSI guidelines, serum for most tests should be removed from the cells within 120 minutes
what specimen can be centrifuged immediately electrolytes collected in a PST
AHCCS Arizona Health Care Containment System
APC Ambulatory Patient Classification
CLIA '88 clinical laboratory improvement
type of coding for diagnoses is DRG
after successful completion of the american medical technologist phlebotom examination, the initials for the title granted are RPT
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