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Cities and Urban Land Use Vocabulary

A process by which real estate agents convince white owners to sell their houses is Blockbusting
By analyzing these 5,000 people size neighborhoods, governments and private businesses can see patterns of ethnicity and wealth. Census Tract
A synonym of a functional region is a ___________. Hinterland
What term is used for the trading centers of old times which often became the world cities of the ancient world? Entrepot
All MDCs show the ________ in all or most of their cities, showing that services are well distributed throughout the country. Rank-size Rule
The ________ shows the patter of different types of urban activities, maintaining that different types of services and living conditions move outward in a circular pattern from the downtown area. Concentric Zone Model
The ________ explains how far people will travel and the type of people necessary to sustain a type of service. It is constructed using interlocking and overlapping hexagons. The Central Place Theory
_________ has lead to a change in the type of activities and architecture in the inner cities. Governments are “greening” these areas, combining recreational and retail services together. Urban Renewel in the Economic Enterprise Zone
The __________ of the US shows that the largest job growth has been in the tertiary sector since 1975. Employment Structure
Revitalization projects have caused a ___________ of downtown areas that originally housed low income families, but now young urban professionals are moving in. Gentrification
Stands for central business district, location of skyscrapers and companies (would always be the center of the 3 urban models, many people commute, few actually live there) CBD
Also known as “Back Office Jobs” these are businesses, or parts of businesses devoted to calling customers or potential customers. Call Centers
The movement of people, capital, services, and govt. into the central city (opposite of suburban sprawl, happened to cities before WWII and is happening now) Centralization
Process of social and economic change caused by removal of industry as a country moves into the tertiary sector. Deindustrialization
A new concentration of business in suburban areas due to urban sprawl Edge City
A usually poor section of a city inhabited primarily by people of the same race, religion, or social background. Ghetto
Area of urban land that contains more than 50,000 people, a central city, and the counties where most of the people work in and/or visit the central city for many services. A group of connected MSAs creates a Megalopolis. Metropolitan Statistical Area
A temporary market that is set up every so often to bring certain types of goods and services to an area that does not have the population to support that service every day. Pieriodic Market
Countries where their largest city has more than twice as many people as the 2nd largest city follow this rule. Primate City Rule
The maximum distance people are willing to travel for a given service. Everyday items like groceries etc. have a short range. The range of specialty items is much longer. Range
These are shantytowns or slums that surround the central business district or the main primate city in the LDCs. These areas have few amenities and the homes are usually made out of temporary materials. Squatter Settlement
The minimum number and type of people needed to support a service, example: expensive services need a wealthy client. Large services like Major league sports teams need a large number of people to survive. Threshold
a net migration from urban to rural areas (this only happens in very developed areas in North America and Western Europe) Counterurbanization
The Toyota factory in Spartanburg would be an example of a ____________ because its products are exported all over the United States and it has spured large scale growth of other services in the Spartanburg area. Basic Industry
The Kraal of Africa use a ___________ where their dwellings surround communal graising land for their animals, which ensures the security of their livestock from intruders. Clustered Rural Settlement
Atlanta is an example of a _____________ because, although it is not as large or important to the world as New York, it is the regional headquarters for many corporations in the Southeast. Command and Control Center City
During Westward Expansion, pioneers created _____________ in the Great Plains because the East had become crowded and they had moved without extended family, so they preffered to live isolated from their neighbors. Dispersed Rural Settlement
The economic housing structure of the ___________ is opposite to most in the United States because most of their suburbs are filled with high rise low income apartments rather than upper middle class neighborhoods. European City Model
The ____________ is distinct from the world because it contains a spine of services that extend out from a central market, which usually contains a large cathedral. Latin American City Model
According to the _____________, cities are too complex to have just one central area inwhich all services and housing surrounds. Instead, different services cluster around different parts of the city like parks are often near suburban neighborhoods. Multiple Nuclei Model
Walmart is an example of a _____________ because its consumers live within the community and it does not create large scale growth. In contrast, Walmart's move into areas that are already experiencing growth. Non basic Industry
The ____________ illustrates that most cities have wedges of different activities, such as upscale vs low income housing, spreading out from the CBD. In addition, industry clusters around the main transportation route. Sector Model
Detroit is the __________________ for the auto industry, specializing in the teriary side of the industry such as research, management, and development of new technologies. Specialized Producer Service Center
New York is a __________ because the World Trade Center and United Nations spread information and wealth throughout the world. World City
Created by: ahowe
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