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Chapter 1 History AH

Creator of Pasteurization/Smallpox Vaccine Louis Pasteur
First culture to have medical records (written) Egyptians
Culture that introduced acupuncture chinese
Culture/Time Period that believed illness came from demons or angry gods. Primitive
"Father of Medicine" Hippocrates
First to organize care for injured soldiers. Romans
Used filter systems in public baths to encourage cleanliness. Romans
Person who described the circulation of blood flow from the heart. William Harvey
Started "American Red Cross" Clara Barton
Considered the "Founder of Modern Nursing" Florence Nightingale
Described the structure of DNA. Watson and Crick
"Father of Microbiology" Robert Koch
People who introduced the use of insulin for diabetes. Banting and Best
Name of the type of healthcare for the elderly. Geriatric
State of being in optimum health with a balanced relationship of physical, social, and mental health. wellness
Use of video, audio, and computer systems to provide medical and or healthcare services. telemedicine
Methods used in conjunction with conventional medical therapies. Complementary Therapies
Term for "Trying to control the rising cost of health care and achieving the maximum benefit for every dollar spent." Cost containment
Dr. George Papanicolau developed this test to detect cervical cancer in females. (Hint: answer is shortened to a three letter abbreviation for the test) Pap test
Alternate name for a Roentgenogram. X-Ray
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